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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Best Restaurants To Experience Italian Food In Milan

Milan is a city where culture is incredibly diversified. You can find people from all around the country and the truth is that basically all cuisines are represented. While you can easily locate various restaurants that offer different cuisines, you will find it a little difficult to find those that offer Italian cuisine.

Italian cuisine is all about various traditional dishes that come from every region in the country. With this in mind, let us consider some really interesting Milan restaurants that you will want to take into account in the event that you want something special. Keep in mind that some of the restaurants are included in the best food tours of Milan but the diversity of Italian cuisine is rarely properly represented through such a tour. You will want to look for the specialties you want to try.

Piedmontese Cuisine

Trattoria Aurora
This restaurant is located right in the middle of Milan, close to Navigli. It is a small and quite familiar restaurant for locals, offering the best of Piedmontese cuisine. Pasta and bread here are always handmade and the Bagna Cauda needs to be considered. It is served as a fondue and is really tasty.

2. Trattoria Masuelli S. Marco
You cannot miss this location. It offers traditional Piedmontese cuisine with a special Milanese touch. The restaurant was opened an impressive 90 years ago. The style is old-fashioned, classic and guests always love the experience.

Ligurian Cuisine

Pizeria Del Ponte
If you want to experience traditional Genoese focaccia at a Milan restaurant, this is the one to consider. You can easily try the Recco traditional focaccia and pizza that is made with special ingredients that come directly from Liguria. The really impressive thing here is the atmosphere. It is simply cozy and highly welcoming.

2. U Barba This is a trendy and informal restaurant. Enjoy a classic Genoese lunch and shop for some handmade pasta. Make sure that you try the trofie here. It is served with pesto sauce.

3. Osteria Via Pre The old-fashioned atmosphere is always reality here. You will feel like in an ancient restaurant. Based on traditional Genoese customs, the cuisine is 100% genuine. Try the pansotti once you are there. It is served with vegetable soup and tomato sauce.

Lombardian Cuisine

1. Al Garghet
The atmosphere here is intimate and the soft lights are welcoming. The restaurant is really comfortable and the vegetable soups are really delicious. All desserts are hand made with the use of genuine ingredients. You will also appreciate the fact that the menu is written in Milanese dialect.

2. Antica Trattoria Della Pesa
Many locals see this as the best restaurant in the city. You can taste some really great Lombardy dishes. It was opened in the year 1880 so we can say that we are looking at a historical restaurant. You can easily try a Milanese risotto with ossobuco. The atmosphere makes you feel as you are living in the past and. Just remember the fact that this restaurant is a little expensive. However, you can experience some authentic Milanese flavors that are not available anywhere else.

Veneto Cuisine

When referring to Veneto cuisine, you will want to consider La Tana Del Lupo. It has a very cozy atmosphere and you can taste the really typical polenta, which is cornmeal that is boiled into a porridge, eating baked or directly grilled or fried. You will love the fireplace as it makes the entire atmosphere more intimate and familiar.

Emilia Romagna Cuisine

1. Tigella’s
This is a fancy restaurant but the atmosphere is still cozy. Here you can try various specialties from Modena like tigelle, which go perfectly with ham and salami and is a traditional Emilia Romagna bread made with the use of flour.

2. Ristorante Da Giordano Il Bolognese
The restaurant is renowned for the delicious, genuine handmade pasta that it offers. It is a perfect location in Milan if you want some tortellini or lasagna. The traditional and familiar atmosphere is practically a place that you can easily fall in love with. Mix up the pasta with some fruits to replenish your Vitamin D doses and then go for a walk or travel to another restaurant.

Tuscany Cuisine

1. La Tavernetta Da Elio
In a very familiar and simple atmosphere you can experience traditional dishes like papa al pomodoro, which is a Tuscan soup that is usually made with bread, basil, garlic, olive oil and tomatoes. Try some trippa and make sure that you consider the restaurant if you want to taste a part of Tuscany cuisine.

Ristorante Alle Colline Senesi
This is a restaurant that you have to always consider in the event that the weather is a little cold and you want something that is traditionally Tuscan. Taste their Ribollita and pici with sausages. If this is not enough, consider the Florentine steak and the spelt soup.

Lazio Cuisine

1. Nonna Maria Osteria Romana
The restaurant is quite small but you will feel comfortable. You will enjoy the lunch there if you want something that is truly genuine. If you consider a visit, the carbonara pasta has to be tried.

2. Cacio E Pepe
This is something different, offering quite a typical Roman experience, helping you to enjoy delicious artichokes, among many others. The design style is contemporary. That is interesting since most of the dishes in the menu come from Roman cuisine.

Abruzzo Cuisine

If you are looking for Abruzzo cuisine in Milan, Il Capestrano should be visited. It is interestingly arranged in 4 rooms, each dedicated to one Abruzzo region. You will find the very best arrosticini in the city. To make everything even more attractive, the dishes and the decorations are reinterpreted, becoming more modern.

Campania Cuisine

1. Friienno Magnammo
All the ingredients utilized here are fresh and genuine, according to Campania traditional cuisine. In addition, here you can shop for Campania specialties after you enjoy the traditional dishes.

2. Nisida
In the event that you are looking for one of the best pizzas in Milan, visit Nisidia. Every dish is prepared with fresh ingredients, including mozzarella di bufala or paccheri cooked with fresh tomatoes.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the Italian cuisines that are covered in Milan. Many others exist with dozens of other restaurants. Learn all that you can about the cuisines that are available so that you can enjoy something that is truly special. According to Travel Tipsor, Milan is the perfect city in Italy to experience all the cuisine that Italy has to offer. It is actually better than Rome. This is surprising to say the least. If you know other great restaurants in Milan that offer a traditional experience and that you see as being great, make sure that you comment and make a recommendation.

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