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Monday, June 01, 2015

Only the ocean and you: Summer travel tips to Andaman Islands

After living in a metropolitan city for the span of their existence, for a lot of people the whole point of going on a vacation is to go someplace where the crowds are missing, roads are rough and the vistas – oh the magnificent vistas! A good deal of the urban population is often found travelling to lesser known places throughout the year, especially in summers. Summer is that time of the year when a city like Delhi suddenly gets transformed into an oversized microwave and unluckily so for its population of nearly 25 million poor souls. To escape the fate similar to that of the popcorn; whenever the weather gets relentless most of us prefer to plan our great escape to someplace we can find some much needed peace of mind. Choosing a destination is one thing, and packing for the same is another. Unless you pack right, you can’t enjoy your vacation. So, here is a lowdown on the various summer travel essentials for men and women.

Destination: Andaman Islands, India

Located in the Bay of Bengal region, around 572 islands form two archipelagos known as Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Andaman group of islands has a lot to offer – from the chilled out ambiance to the diverse aquatic life but what really attracts tourists from the world over is the islands’ rich heritage of artefacts from the Stone Age. If you like to explore history and facts then the Anthropological Museum, the National Memorial and the Fisheries Museum will keep you occupied and make your trip more fascinating. Another popular tourist attraction is the Cellular Jail which is located in the islands’ largest town Port Blair. Infamous as the place where political prisoners were held captive during the British rule in India, the jail was commonly referred to as Kala Pani representing social exile. With beaches like Harminder Bay beach, Ramnagar beach, Radhanagar beach, Corbyn's Cove and Chirya Tapu, Karmatang beach and more, the Andaman Islands are truly a treat for beach lovers. 

Summer Travel Essentials for MenTo get the best out of your trip to Andaman Islands this season you need to be prepared before you venture into the great wide open. Let’s face it! Travelling to the secluded islands comes with its share of challenges. To overcome those, here is the list of travel must-haves: 

Travelling to a place such as the Andaman Islands where the major mode of going from A to B is your feet, you’ll need a good backpack that will provide storage for all the essential stuff you’ll need to carry with you. When choosing a backpack, make sure the build quality is sturdy and the straps and shoulder area are padded to ensure total comfort even when you’re carrying heavy loads for longer durations.

Note: Duffel bags are considered to be the ideal choice of bag for you if you have limited luggage to take care of and don’t want to stress out from carrying your entire wardrobe on your shoulders.

Floaters/Flip Flops:
Loafers aren’t probably the best option when it comes to footwear for a place where there is an abundance of sand and water. You need something that requires little maintenance. As inseparable from the perfect summer wardrobe as oxygen from air, flip flops look great and are perhaps the next best thing to being barefoot. If you want a little extra protection for your feet when you’re wandering off into the dense forest, opt for floaters.

Summer Travel Essentials for WomenT-shirts:
Although the wind is cool and pleasant, the daytime in the Andaman Islands can get somewhat hot, nowhere close to what Delhi feels like though. Don’t forget to carry cotton and polyester t-shirts, cotton because it offers great breathability and polyester as it’s easier to dry than cotton and can come in handy when you choose take a quick dip in the cool waters. There are many luxury brands of travel wear available in the market today. You could check out the impeccable collection of top and dresses by Anatomie available in India.

Speaking of beaches and leaving out shorts? No sir! Shorts are the staple beach wear as made evident by movies like ‘Beach’. Now relax on the serene sands and let the gentle waves caress your calves by choosing shorts over jeans or trousers. Life’s a ‘beach’ after all!

So you’re completely surrounded by water. What do you do? You go for a swim of course! But the sea water can be harsh for those with sensitive skin. It is recommended to wear a swimming hat and wetsuit especially in the months of April and May. Go for luxury swimwear brands like Vitamin A and Nidhi Munim, which have high-quality swimming swimwear that is optimized for treading difficult waters.

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