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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Luxury Stay In Delhi That Promises World Class Amenities

Luxury hotels make a stay in Delhi, whether it is for business, vacation, or a wedding, memorable and comfortable. They do this by providing amenities that other hotels don’t offer with the best quality available for guests. Here are some of the amenities you can expect from luxury hotels in Delhi like The Imperial:

1. Room Amenities

An article on reveals that all hotel guests, whether luxury or budget travellers, put the room at the top of their list of priorities when choosing a hotel. Luxury hotels differ from brand name, budget, or business hotels where it is common for each room to use the same floor plan and have the same amenities.

Luxury hotels usually have each room specially decorated for a unique appearance and depending on price, will offer different amenities. The Luxury suite at The Imperial, which is listed as one of the best luxury rooms in Delhi, has a Jacuzzi and DVD player and a control panel for the climate, security, and lights. The Royal Suite, generally, has the additional amenities of a sauna, dressing room, dining room for up to eight guests, and a study with 80 books and antique furniture and artwork.

The hotel offers complimentary amenities in all rooms so that each guest still gets the luxury treatment. As well as a marble bathtub and flat screen TV in each room, there is mineral water, a fresh fruit platter, a shoe shine, dental kit, and a daily newspaper among others. Amenities such as a DVD player or high speed internet come as standard in some luxury rooms but in others they are available only on request or for an additional fee. Still much better than the standard tea and coffee offered by other hotels!


When guests venture outside of their rooms, there are many more amenities available for them. First is the all-important restaurant and bar. Even in a budget hotel this will be an important inclusion but in a luxury hotel, guests expect the dining to be at an equally high standard to the rooms and service.

All luxury hotels have at least one restaurant and bar. The Imperial has three of each plus a patisserie and an afternoon tea room, each one representing a different period of India’s history. For instance, The Spice Route is decorated with antiques from across South East Asia while The Nostalgia Room gives the impression of returning to the mid-20th century with live jazz music and images of Elvis Presley on the walls. It is these small but detailed touches that give Delhi’s hotels the air of luxury.

Additional Amenities

Finally, there are the additional amenities which make a difference for guests who need them. You can expect most luxury hotels to have a full service spa and salon, a gym (sometimes including personal trainers), an airport shuttle, and facilities for business conferences, all of which are treated with the same standards of luxury and professionalism as the rest of the hotel. Of course, every hotel will have at least one pool, hopefully surrounded by palm trees with a bar included. Some hotels will have a separate pool for children to play so that adults can relax in peace.

But the hallmark of a luxury hotel is providing amenities that don’t come as standard to set themselves apart from other hotels. They may not be essential but they are a nice addition for guests who need them. The Imperial, for example, has not only a fitness centre but a yoga studio and the expansive gardens make a perfect place for meditation. Guests don’t even need to travel far for shopping as luxury hotels also comprise boutiques and bookshops.

Even the hotel itself could be considered an amenity just by how unique it is. A study by hotel consultants HVS reveal that experiences rather than amenities are becoming more important for tourists and a visit to such hotels is an experience in itself. Everywhere you look in the hotel, from the guest rooms to the public areas, there are antiques, paintings, and other special touches which make you just want to wander around for hours like you would do in an art gallery. One visitor on the review website TripAdvisor said that it was ‘Like travelling back in time’ and other reviews on the website, and across the internet, seem to agree. A trip to the hotel, even just for afternoon tea, becomes part of the visit to Delhi in itself as it forms a part of the city’s history.

Luxury travel means not only the standard amenities such as a mini bar or pool but a hotel which makes every moment of a guest’s stay unique with everything provided for them. It means care and attention to detail, going above and beyond to provide for guests and hotels.

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