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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Iran’s Architectural Wonder Kashan in Pictures

Beautiful Agah Bozorg Mosque of Kashan, Iran

Rich Persian history, amazing creativity and fabulous architecture can be seen all across Iran. While the world over knows the architectural marvels of Isfahan, Yazd, Persepolis and Shiraz, I would like to bring to you the architectural marvels of another Iranian city, Kashan. Located in the Isfahan province and between Isfahan and Tehran, Kashan, a city that has existed from the pre-historic era, is quite similar to Rajasthan’s Jodhpur. Located by an oasis and surrounded by the central deserts of Iran, Kashan is home to beautiful mosques, intricate houses of rich merchants, amazing Persian gardens, ancient archaeological sites, super hospitable people and so much more. Here are some pictures from this architectural wonder. Hopefully, they will entice you to explore it on your next holiday to Iran.

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Above photo: The 18th century Agah Bozorg mosque that towers over the city of Kashan.

An inside view of the Agah Bozorg Mosque of Kashan, Iran

Above Photo: Stunning colors, architecture and wind towers catch your eye as soon as you enter the Agah Bozorg Mosque of Kashan.

Colorful interiors inside the hamam of one of Kashan's traditional houses

Above Photo: The rich merchants of Kashan loved soaked in their bubble baths. And that is why they splurged on their hammams. This is inside the main hammam room of a merchant’s house.

Colorful glasswork inside Abbasian House, Kashan, Iran

Above Photo: Colorful glasswork that we usually see in the palaces of Rajasthan or the churches of Europe can also be seen as decorating elements in the traditional houses of Kashan. This one in particular was seen inside the Abbasian House.

Iranian Local enjoys a cup of tea during the renovation of Abbasian House, Kashan, Iran

Above Photo: Tea is a way of life in Iran. It is offered to all guests, it is a conversation starter and it is a great way to stay hydrated in this desert atmosphere. I spotted this local enjoying his cup of tea at the Abbasian House.

Traditional Persian Dining Setup inside a traditional house of Kashan

Above Photo: One of the things that capture immediate attention in Kashan’s traditional houses are its open courtyard like communal eating setup. This is one fabulous way to soak in the architecture of these gorgeous homes while you relish delicious Persian food. I can vouch from personal experience.

Walking through the Tabatabaei house of Kashan - a fine example of traditional Persian architecture

Above Photo: Another merchant home. Another example of richness in architecture. Created with beautiful waterways, gardens, fountains, carvings and glasswork, the Tabatabaei house is one of the more beautiful traditional houses of Kashan.

Iranian playing traditional musical instrument at Tabatabei house, Kashan, Iran

Above Photo: You are never too far away from getting to know local culture in Iran. This security guard of the Tabatanaei house entertains the guests with his music. This is a traditional flute like instrument that he can be seen playing.

Kashan rooftop view as seen from the top of Jalali castle

Above Photo: Kashan’s architecture has to do a lot with its desert environment. Most of the larger houses and buildings have wind towers designed in them to keep the rooms cool even during the peak summer months. Clay dominates most of the construction material and colors are quite rare for the building exteriors. This is how the city looks from the top of Jalali castle.

A moment from Fin Garden, Kashan, Iran

Above Photo: A lush Persian garden in the middle of the desert, the Fin garden just outside of Kashan is a treat to the eye. Not only does it show you how to harvest natural spring water to make the desert turn green, it also packs a punch with its colors and creativity.

Borujerdis House courtyard - one of the finest traditional Persian houses of Kashan

Above Photo:Kashan is all about its traditional houses. There is no missing even one of them as each one of them is so unique and beautiful. This is the view of the Borujerdis house courtyard that you see as you enter the premises.

Colorful glasswork on the doors of Tabatabei house of Kashan, Iran

Above Photo: Another set of colorful glasswork. This time on the doors and windows of Tabatabaei house in Kashan.

Glorious interiors of a hammam in Kashan

Above Photo: In case you are wondering how the interiors of the hammams looked like. This is how it looks. As it was a place of relaxation and may be important business meetings, it oozes luxury and creature comforts. One can get a good idea of this by looking at the very intricate carvings and paintings.

Eyecatching aerial view of Kashan's rooftops with domes and wind towers

Above Photo: Natural air conditioners can be seen from the Kashan rooftops. Inverted dome with air vents or even proper wind towers, the rich merchants of Kashan certainly knew how to keep themselves and their homes cool and pleasant during the hot days.

A moment from Kashan bazaar, Iran

Above Photo: This is a scene from the local bazaar of Kashan. Contiguous in nature, these bazaars were designed to stay cool and allow the visitors to shop at length and in peace. It is a potpourri of action and color, especially in the spices and herbs section.

Narrow lanes of Kashan's historic district

Above Photo: These are scenes that present themselves to you as you slowly amble through the mud baked narrow lanes of Kashan. As you are not allowed to photograph the Iranian women from the front, this is a far away shot.

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