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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bose SoundSport Free: Awesome Wireless Earphones for Travel, Gym and Outdoors

Bose earphones and the charging case

As my phone lost its 3.5 mm jack, I too gave up my wired earphones and made the bold jump to the world of totally wireless Bluetooth earphones. Initially, I was very apprehensive with the switch. After all, I had been using the wired way of life for a pretty long time. But, having used the totally wireless way of listening and talking, I now wish I had made the switch sooner.

My totally wireless listening and talking companion is the Bose SoundSport Free wireless earphones. It cost me a pretty buck (INR 18,990), but I have to say that it is worth every bit of money that I spent. And it is my perfect gym, travel and outdoor companion. Like my sunglasses, wallet, phone and watch, it travels all the while with me.

Here are the various reasons (after many many months of use in various conditions) why I am totally in love with it. It can definitely do with some improvements, but overall, it is hear to stay in my life till Bose or some other brand comes with some other radically new product.   
Fabulous Sound

Bose products are known for their sound and the Bose SoundSport Free wireless earphones are no different. It is a bit partial towards base, which augurs perfectly well for my workouts. Even at other times, when I am relaxing and listening to my music library, the notes and sounds are crystal clear. Sometimes the effect is so good that I think I have a high end headphone instead of a small pair of earphones.

The hassle free music powerhouse - Bose SoundSport Free

One can control their music library either through their music player, the Bose Connect App or the pause, play, next and previous buttons on the right earphone. For a small gadget, it certainly packs a serious punch. And there is no interference or lag.

Only the right earpiece works during calls, which is kind of sad, but otherwise everything about it is great. The sound quality and clarity are spot on and there is no lag whatsoever. You can control calls and their volume either through your phone or the right earpiece.

No Wires Whatsoever

The colorful and vibrant Bose SoundSport Free earphones

Unlike some Bluetooth earphones that have a neck band, the Bose SoundSport Free is truly wireless and all it has are 2 beautifully designed earpieces.

Snug Fit that has never fallen out

A lot of people on the internet have called the Bose SoundSport Free as Frankenstein-ish due to its big sized earphones. Yes, the Bose SoundSport Free earphones are definitely bigger than the earpieces on the wired earphones. But, I see this as a blessing than as an aesthetic issue. Had these earphones been real small, I would not even know if I lose it. At least here, I will get to know if the earphone drops somewhere. And it is just a matter of time before you get used to this size. Others would not even notice if you hang flowing locks or have a full beard.

These wireless earphones have never slipped out even once. And I have used them during my cross fit sessions in the gym, on treks, while cycling and on train and bus journeys where I am sitting next to an open window. They are perfectly snug and supremely comfortable. The only time I remove them is when I have sweated even inside my ear. And all it needs is a clean wipe with a dry cloth and we are ready to go again.

Fast Charging and Holds Charge for close to 10 hours

Bose earphones in the charging case

One of the best features of the Bose SoundSport Free wireless earphones is its super small and super efficient charging case. Not only does it charge real quick (0 to 100 in about 3 hours), but it also holds charge for close to 10 hours. The earphones get automatically charged whenever you place them in the charging case. So basically after a 60 minute workout, the earphones get fully charged by the time you finish your shower and get ready for your next activity.

The only thing I wish is for Bose to have provided a USB – C charging port with the charging case. USB – C is the modern standard that is fast replacing all the old USB ports and it would have been nice if Bose had incorporated that into this premium product.

No Noise Cancellation

This Bose SoundSport Free earphones do have not the famous noise cancellation feature of Bose as they are meant to be used in real life outdoor conditions where it is essential to hear ambient sounds (car horn, traffic sounds, sounds of danger) to protect one from an untoward incident.

Top Class Bluetooth Standards

The Bluetooth standards on this device is top class, which means pairing with your phone is a breeze and there are no drops, lags or interference. The connection is as good as a wired earphone, which says a lot about its quality.

I have tested the Bluetooth range on my cross fit floor where my phone lies in one corner of the room while I am working out some 20- 25 feet away. I find there are more lags at home where there are thick walls and lots of different electronic devices, but this again happens after a distance of some 15 feet.

When the earphone had ben launched, it had a pretty solid lag with videos, which have been addressed to a great extent with its firmware and software updates. Now, the lag is barely noticeable and you notice it only when you are really intent on finding a fault. I watch my YouTube videos and online TV shows on the move using these earphones and the experience is top notch.

Sweatproof and Water Resistant

I have a bald head, which means that when I break a sweat, my head turns into a mini waterfall that eventually falls on my earphones. The Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones have been working admirably in spite of that. I have even used it in light rain and it works absolutely fine.

Easy to Use Bose Connect App

These Bose Sound Sport Free wireless earphones are easily recognized by the Bose Connect App, which enables easy updates of software and firmware. It also enables you to locate your earphones in case you lose them. Additionally, it doubles up as a mini music player and allows you to connect/disconnect Bluetooth.

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