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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hong Kong Street Food Guide

Lot of eating options at Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong

When it comes to street food, Hong Kong certainly rules the roost! After all, there are very state or areas that not only offer a vast range of gastronomical delights right on the streets and can fill you up with just a few bucks. Moreover, no matter where you go, or which street you enter in Hong Kong, you are surprised by the vast variety of delicious street side snacks and tasty tidbits in so many different flavours.

Needless to say, your trip to Hong Kong remains incomplete without tasting those delicious eats on the streets. Sure Hong Kong boasts of some of the finest dining experience you can enjoy at its elegant restaurants. However, nothing can beat the experience of enjoying the hot and fresh food sold right on the streets.

Chinese Hot Pot - A Hong Kong Favorite

As there are so many food choices in this culinary mecca, it is a good idea to go for one of those food tours in Hong Kong. It is an excellent way to know about the leading eateries in those humble streets and enjoy a treasuring dining experience.

Here are street foods of Hong Kong that you must try before leaving the state.

1) Curry fish balls

One of the most famous street food, you will love these very flavoursome fish balls that are served on almost every street in Hong Kong. Deep-fried in hot oil, the fish balls are then placed in a spicy curry.

2) Egg waffles

You will love those waffles with crispy, flaky edges and a soft and eggy centre. You will come across almost every local enjoying the street food with fruits, chocolate sauce or ice cream. The Egg waffles are served in various flavour and can easily fill you up.

3) Cheong fun

Night Street on Temple Street, Hong Kong

You will always find a long line for this favourite street food which is smooth rice noodle rolls served with sweet sauce. The smooth and savoury rolls topped with sesame seeds offer a more enjoyable experience and are a crowd favourite.

4) Fried pig intestines

Another of the most appealing street food is the fried pig intestines. However, this street food is only for the adventurous, but once you taste this snack, you will develop a craving for it.

5) Siu Mai

You can recognize this ubiquitous street food because of its bright yellow wrapper. You will love this steamed snack filed with fish meat and served with soy sauce.

6) Grilled squid tentacles

If you are looking for a perfect snack on Hong Kong streets, you will find it in those grilled squid tentacles. You will love the chewy and rubbery texture of these absolutely delicious squids.

7) Pineapple buns

Pineapple buns are a delight, and they have a bit of pineapple in them as well as some butter in their sweet centre. These buns have remained a popular street food for decades and are enjoyed with traditional teas and coffee.

8) Egg tarts

Yummy Egg Tarts

When you bite into the fluffy and light egg custard, you will feel as if you are in heaven. You are sure to fall for these egg tarts with the crispy and chewy crust on the outside and the glistening yellow custard filling inside.

9) Cheung fun

Cheung fun is simply loved for its distinct chewy taste and smooth texture. The street food comes without fillings and is made of rolling steamed rice noodle sheets. You can enjoy it with different sauces of peanut, chilli, and soy.

10) Stinky tofu

Stinky tofu is another classic food that you must try. You may get a bit put off by the rancid smell, but once you taste it, you will simply love the street food that is perfectly crunchy. You can enjoy it with sweet, chili sauce and piping hot noodles.

11) Fried chestnuts

Enjoy a healthy snack of fried chestnuts which is simple but great-tasting. The best part is that they are served at all times on the streets of Hong Kong. It is hard to resist the enticing aroma of these nuts sold with a lot of hawkers in the city.

12) Bowl pudding

The Cantonese Hotpot - a favorite of the people of Hong Kong

The bowl pudding is available in white or brown versions. Everyone loves this ordinary bowl pudding which is like a sticky, glutinous mess with a slight sugary sweetness. Both versions are studded with red beans and remain a favourite with the locals.

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