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Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Monsoons in Coorg: A Photo Story

A monsoon moment on the Bhagamandala - Talacauvery road

Coorg or Kodagu is more than the ‘Scotland of India’. It is more than just coffee estates and spice plantations. It is a pristine ecosystem of mountains, forests and water bodies that are teeming with life. It is this very ecosystem that gives birth to the holy Cauvery river, the life line of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This bio diverse region is at its very best during the monsoons when dark clouds, multiple shades of green and persistent rains usurp our senses, but at that same time allowing nature to flourish. It is a season of aplenty and is an absolutely magnificent place to rejuvenate oneself. A hot cuppa coffee or herbal teas along with the delicious local cuisine are just added benefits. Monsoons in Coorg in itself is an experience and I hope you can get a flavor of it through the photographs in this article.

About the above photo: The scenes just after a heavy downpour are a treat to the senses. The freshly washed earth and roads, the fresh water droplets on leaves and flowers, the different shades of green that glow when the sun shines briefly after a downpour and the grey dark clouds in the background all make for a heady monsoon concoction.

Sowing paddy near Bhagamandala, Coorg

About the above photo: For a farmer, monsoons mean happiness. Sowing season begins with the onset of the rains. And for a thirsty crop like paddy, good rains are essential. Such paddy sowing scenes are common in the fertile villages of Kodagu.

A moment from rural Coorg

About the above photo: This is the highway that connects Virajpet to Madikeri. During the monsoons, foliage takes over every nook and cranny except for the black tar road. Just driving on these roads has such a calming influence. People wear big gum boots to protect them from leeches and wear head gear with plastic covers to keep their head dry.

Riding in the monsoons is pure joy

About the above photo: The route to Igguthappa temple, the holy temples for Kodavas, is an absolute joy to ride through during the rains. The recently laid concrete roads, the descending clouds, the umpteen streams and the innumerable view points make for a fantastic experience.

Monsoon clouds, dense forests and Mallalli Falls

About the above photo: Located in North Coorg and starting in the Pushpagiri mountains of the Western Ghats, the holy Kumaradhara river winds its way through lush forests of the Western Ghats before tumbling down about 25 kms from Somwarpet and this tumbling spectacle is known as Mallalli Falls, the prettiest waterfall in all of Coorg.

A monsoon view - Bhagamandala to Talacauvery

About the above photo: Such drama in the skies and surrounding nature is a common occurrence during the monsoons in Coorg. Just watching this drama is a great past time. All you need is a hot drink and a book for company.

Chingara waterfall surrounded by greenery

About the above photo: Starting in the Thadiyendamol mountain range of Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary, Chingara waterfall plunges in the midst of coffee, spices, flowers and forests. It roars during the monsoons and offers a great offbeat waterfall holiday as it falls in the private premises of Chingara and Honey Valley estate.

A pitstop during a monsoon motorcycle ride to South Coorg

About the above photo: My first love in India has to be the Western Ghats. May be, it is because I hail from there or may be because I absolutely adore its bio diversity. Every year during the rains, you can see me trekking, riding, chilling, working, eating and sleeping in the Western Ghats.

The pristine environment at Honey valley estate in Coorg

About the above photo: This is where 100 acres of coffee estate, fruit orchards and spice plantations meet the forests of Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary. This location is Honey valley, one of the oldest homestays in Karnataka and a pristine location where nature is literally at your doorstep.

Beautiful moss covered carvings inside Nalknad palace, Coorg

About the above photo: Consistently wet environment with floating clouds, mist and intermittent sunlight ensures that moss grows almost everywhere. It could be on estate roads, on trees, in your portico or in this case on the walls of the structure inside Nalknad palace, one of the most scenic palaces of Kodagu.

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