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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Wahiba Sands: Oman’s Favorite Desert Holiday Destination

The dunes of Wahiba Sands, Oman

It is a world of rolling sand dunes some of which stand over a hundred metres tall. It is a world famous for its native desert flora and fauna. It is the favorite desert holiday destination in Oman. I am talking about Wahiba Sands that is named after the Bedouins who call this shifting land their home.

The sensational Wahiba Sands of Oman at sunset

Wahiba sands or Sharqiya sands is where you head to if you are keen on some desert adventure. Dune bashing in 4x4s, Quad biking over dunes, dune boarding, camel rides to the deep pockets of the desert or simply sitting on the dunes in the night and watching the milky way, Wahiba sands packs all of it into one fantastic desert experience.

Dune Bashing at Al Sharqiya Sands, Oman

Add to it traditional Bedouin food, music and culture and rich Omani hospitality and you have a desert holiday package that will rival some of the best across the world. And that’s not that, it also makes for a great adventure honeymoon in a country that is a great honeymoon destination for Indians.

Omani men take a break from dune bashing at Wahiba Sands

Right from the time you are welcomed with some local dates and some freshly ground qawwah coffee to the time you train your sights on the rolling sand dunes, you cannot think of anything buy adventure here. The tall mountains of red sand offer opportunities to people of all ages and those with different adventure needs. You could simply roll down the dunes, watch the sun set over the dunes, try your hands controlling the 4x4 in the steep shifting sands of the dunes, board on some tall dunes or just relax at the sight of one of the mother nature’s most interesting creations. Wahiba sands is such that it makes everyone feel special here.

Walking down the dunes is so much fun

So the next time you are looking at a desert holiday destination for some offbeat adventure, think of Wahiba Sands in south central Oman. May be, you could go there the next time you find yourself having a long weekend holiday or even better if you have more time at hand. I certainly loved my time here and can’t wait to return to discover these mighty sand dunes a bit more.

Dune Surfing is a fun sport

How to get Oman visa as an Indian citizen:

If you are an Indian passport holder with a valid US, UK, Japan, Canada or Schengen visa, then you can get visa on arrival in Oman. You can also apply for the Oman tourist visa from the Oman embassy in India. For full details, look up my article titled ‘Oman visa for Indians’.

A Camel at Wahiba Sands, Oman

How to reach there:

The nearest airport would be Sur airport and the drive from Sur to Wahiba Sands should take you a good 3 hours in a four wheel drive vehicle.

The nearest international airport with the best connectivity to India would be Muscat international airport and the drive from Muscat to Wahiba sands should take you about 5 hours in a four wheel drive vehicle.

Guests are welcomed with dates and Quewah coffee in Oman

Best season to visit:

If you can handle the heat, Wahiba sands is accessible all year around.

If you cannot handle the heat, it is best to opt for the winter months between October through February.

Lovely Mandoos, Quewah Jars and other artifacts inside a traditional Bedouin House, Oman

Where to stay:

Most of the properties located at Wahiba sands are luxury tented accommodation located right by the sand dunes. They cost a pretty penny, but offer great access to the sand dunes thus making for a fabulous desert holiday destination.

Young Bedouins ride on camels in the desert of Oman

If you prefer something cheaper, yet more cultural, stay with the Bedouins in their traditional homes. Stay will be basic, but the experience will be rich. After all, they are true denizens of the desert.

Traditional Souvenirs designed by Bedouin Women of Wahiba Sands, Oman

Where to eat:

There are only two options to eat in the desert here. You eat either at your desert tent/hotel or you eat at a Bedouin household. To have food at the Bedouin homes, one needs to inform them in advance.

The lovely landscape of Wahiba Sands, Oman

Other nearby tourist attractions:

1) Sur: The coastal city with white houses where ships are handmade.

2) Nizwa: The historical heart of Oman

The Arabian Oryx Desert Camp at Wahiba Sands, Oman

3) Muscat: The capital of Oman and a bustling metropolis with traditional souks and castles.

4) Al Hamra: The oasis settlement that is surrounded by date palms and mountains.

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