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Friday, July 31, 2020

Amusement park peril. What are your rights if you are injured at a theme park?

What to do when you are injured at an amusement park

Who doesn’t love a trip to the amusement park? The thrill of the rides, the smell of the candy floss, popcorn and hotdogs…screams of delighted kids and the cheers from the game stands. It’s a great day out for everyone, of all ages.

Sadly, not every trip to the amusement park ends with the kids falling asleep in the backseat with happy memories of a day well spent. Believe it or not, thousands of accidents and injuries occur in theme parks in the US every year, leaving many victims counting the cost of a tragic day out.

If you’re left with life-changing injuries, steep medical bills, you're unable to work or your children are injured due to an accident at the park, then you shouldn't just accept it and move on. It's difficult to know your rights, but if you believe that the amusement park was negligent, and their actions (or lack of) were the cause of your injuries, then it is your right to do something about it. Click the link to speak to a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer now.

All amusement parks have a duty of care to all visitors, whether they’re traveling carnivals or established amusement parks. They will either be regulated by the local government or the state. There are laws and protective legislation in place to ensure visitor safety is always a top priority. When these laws are violated then this is classified as negligence. Reaching out to a personal injury lawyer should be done as soon as possible if you believe you or a family member have been injured due to negligence.

How can I prove that the park was to blame?

It might sound impossible, but gathering evidence and proof of negligence at a theme park or carnival is easier than you may think. You’ll need strong evidence to add weight to your claim and to create the strongest case possible.

- Report the accident: If something has happened, don’t leave the scene straight away. Report the injury to the staff immediately. Call for an ambulance if needed. If the amusement park staff offer you medical assistance, take it – it’s evidence that your injuries occurred at the park.

- Speak to witnesses: Did someone witness you fall? Did they see you bang your head when the harness on the ride came loose? If there were witnesses, get their contact details.

- Take photos/video: Maybe you cut your hand on some rusted metal on a safety bar, if so, take a photo or video it or ask a family member to help. Perhaps you broke your leg when you fell down a broken step – get someone to film the staircase from various angles to prove what caused your injuries.

And finally, speak with a park manager.

All injuries and accidents need to be reported and recorded in the parks incident book. Speak with the manager or staff and fill in a report, make it detailed and keep a copy for yourself. If you’re dealing with a traveling carnival and no one will help you, consider speaking with the police. Seek proper medical attention and speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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