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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Rustic Nature Views from my Village Home

Evening scenes from my village home terrace

It is that time of the year when the North East monsoon is in full effect at my village. The village and its surroundings are dressed up in lush green. The dams are getting full. The waterfalls are gushing with water and the rivers and canals have swollen in size. And you almost always wake up to the blissful cacophony of birds and that includes a few peacocks that have made my terrace and my neighbour’s terraces as its home.

When we get our North East monsoon rains, it almost always pours and getting out in the rains is tough, though the views are surreal. Sometimes, I did get drenched in the rains and ended up catching a cold. Unlike the South West monsoon, the rains of the North East monsoon are a bit cooler and it is best to avoid getting wet in the rains.

I thought why not share these village scenes with you during the monsoon season. So here goes the rustic nature views from my village home as promised in my earlier article about me moving my base to the village of Kallidaikurichi in South Tamil Nadu. More pictures and stories in my subsequent articles.

Above photo: This view from my terrace shows you the Chidambareswar Shiva temple, the Kannadigan canal (we call it vaykaal in the local parlance), the paddy fields and the cloud covered Western Ghats in the background along with the golden colours of sunset.

Golden Paddyfields of Kallidaikurichi

Above photo: Paddy turns golden. The main crop grown here, these paddy fields are getting ready for harvest. You can see the Western Ghat mountain ranges in the background.

Lush fields seen from my terrace at Kallidaikurichi

Above photo: Gorgeous green view of paddy fields, coconut trees, Western Ghat mountains and the town of Ambasamudram in the yonder.

Peacock at my village home garden

Above photo: A peacock struts its stuff at my home garden. He is a daily visitor and I almost always wake up to his calls.

Lush paddyfields seen from my village home terrace

Above photo: My terrace offers a 230 degree view of the mountains, views of the Kannadigan canal, the paddy fields, trees in the gardens of my neighbours, the agraharam streets, the local temples and more.

Sunset at Kallidaikurichi - Western Ghats in the background and peacock in the foreground

Above photo: This is a sunset view from my top terrace. The Western Ghats of Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve are in the West, the terraces of my neighbours are in the foreground and somewhere between the two is this peacock that climbs to a high point every evening

The evening golden hour view of the canal and the paddyfields at my village

Above photo: This view is from the back of my village home. My home back door opens into the canal and behind that is the paddy field that is bathed in the golden rays of the evening sun. Further beyond that is the Thamirabharani river, which is not visible in this photo. And further beyond that is the village of Ambasamudram, which is visible through some tiny buildings.

The road connecting Kallidaikurichi with the Thamirabharani river

Above photo: This is the concrete road that connects my village home with the Thamirabharani river. To your left and right are swaying golden paddy fields and surrounding you on three sides are the tall mountains of the Western Ghats, especially the ones in the Manimuthar and Papanasam range.

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