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Thursday, July 04, 2024

The Perfect Plan for a Venice Vacation

People on a gondola at Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most popular spots in Italy for visitors due to its rich history, beautiful scenery and romantic setting. Venice is also a small city that can easily be discovered in just a couple of days. This gives you scope to visit other neighbouring areas and hit the Venice attractions quickly during your stay there. When it comes to checking out brand new destinations for your summer vacations, you should definitely add Venice to your list. You’ll experience a whole variety of different sights, sounds and delicious foods, but it’s important to have a plan so that you don’t miss out on some of the best attractions in the city. Here are a handful of ideas to get you started if you’re planning a Venice vacation in the coming months.

Wander and Walk The Streets of Venice

Iconic scenes from Venice, Italy

You can take an airplane or train to Venice, depending on where you’re traveling from. Transportation around the city is very good, but you can also walk to a lot of the major tourist spots in the area. When you first arrive in the city, you may want to look into luggage storage Venice so that you don’t have to cart your belongings around this cobblestoned city. Checking into your accommodation may not be possible until later on in the day, so why not leave your bags in a dedicated place and explore Venice freely until you’re ready to rest up for the night?! When you first arrive in Venice, it’s a good idea to put away the local map and just start walking. You should be able to walk the city in just a few hours, and you will find your way through the narrow streets and along the canals fairly easily. Stop for a traditional Italian coffee or an Aperol Spritz depending on the time of day and soak up the vibrant surroundings as much as possible.

Go Up The Campanile Di San Marco

Rio Priuli o de Santa Sofia in Venice, Italy

If you choose to go up the Campanile Di San Marco you can expect to see some of the best panoramic views of Venice. If you’ve never heard of the Campanile before, it’s the bell tower which is the most visible landmark in the city of Venice. Luckily, you don’t have to climb any steps to get to the top, you can use the elevator!

Take a Gondola Ride

It surely wouldn’t be a trip to Venice without a ride on the classic Gondola, but is it actually all hyped up? You certainly won’t be disappointed as soon as you catch a ride on a Venice Gondola. You can expect to pay around €80-€100 for a Gondola ride along the canals of Venice. Usually, you can agree on the pride of your Gondola ride before you take the ride. It may cost a little extra if you want your gondolier to sing though so make sure you keep this in mind!

Visit St Mark’s Square

Piazzetta San Marco in Venice, Italy

You will find St Mark’s Square right in the centre of Venice, and you certainly won’t miss it either. Even if you’re not following a map, you’ll stumble upon St Mark’s Square very easily, and it’s a great thoroughfare to other main sightseeing locations in close proximity. This is one of the best places to soak in the views, relax with your friends and take some stunning pictures!

Check Out The Rialto Bridge

Panorama of Canal Grande and Ponte di Rialto in Venice, Italy

One of the most popular bridges in the entire city of Venice has to be the Ponte di Rialto. It stretches along the entirety of the Grand Canal, and it will provide you with one of the most memorable views of the city. If you’re an early riser make sure you head there to watch the beautiful sunrise across Venice. Equally, you can also enjoy it during its peak in the middle of the day when tourists are flocking to see it in all its beauty. You can discover the beauty and history of the Rialto Bridge in Venice at any time of day, just pick your ideal spot and make sure to take your camera with you too.

Final Notes on Venice

As you can see, there are so many beautiful places to visit during your trip to Venice. From classic gondola rides to scenic wanders through the city, there are so many wonderful opportunities to explore when you’re visiting Venice for the very first time. Enjoy each moment of planning your Venice trip, and make sure you take plenty of pictures when you’re enjoying the sights and picturesque surroundings in this majestic city!

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