Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thailand Visa for Indians

If you are an Indian citizen, getting a Thai tourist visa is pretty simple. There are 2 options. Either you get a visa in advance from the Thai embassy in India or get it on arrival at any of Thailand’s immigration points.

Thai visa for Indian passport holders
Option 1: Visa in advance from India (Single entry or Dual entry)

1) Passport with 6 months validity
2) Return tickets
3) Copy of your credit card or copy of 6 months bank statement
4) 2 Passport size photographs with white background
5) Thai visa application form

Cost (for single entry): INR 2000 (Thai visa cost) + 600 (VFS cost) + 0-500 (your visa agent cost)

Validity: Visa is valid for 3 months from date of visa at embassy and you will be allowed to stay for 2 months in Thailand. If you have dual entry visa, then 2 months as a whole in 2 separate visits within 3 months.

You can either go through any of the visa agencies or go directly through the Thai embassy.

At immigration counter: No questions are asked, though sometimes they might ask you for hotel address and $500 USD  or equivalent cash.

Option 2: Visa on Arrival (works for those who are on short trip)
1) Passport with 6 months validity
2) Return tickets within 15 days
3) Copy of your credit card or copy of 6 months bank statement
4) 2 Passport size photographs with white background
5) Currency of 500 USD or equivalent
6) Accommodation vouchers

Cost: 1000 Thai Baht

Validity: 15 days on a single entry

At immigration counter: Fill immigration form on aircraft. Stand in VOA queue. Fill VOA form. Take Token. Stand in VOA queue. Pay money. Get VOA. Stand in immigration queue and get stamping.

All this information is dated today – Nov 24, 2012 as I landed in Bangkok’s Don Mueng airport and got first hand information of the process.

Personally, I would recommend VOA if you are on a short trip and visa in advance if you are on a longer trip or planning multiple entries. VOA might take a bit more time and payment will have to done only in Thai Baht.

While this article is primarily targeted for people looking for a tourist visa, those looking for work permits, business visas and jobs in Thailand can look up the Search Jobs Abroad website.

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