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Thursday, November 29, 2012

17 Random Things about Bangkok

I have been staying the last 6 days in Bangkok, during which, I have roamed a lot of its streets, be it downtown, old city, the railway station, the bus station, its malls and many more. Here are is list of some random things that I have experienced in Bangkok.

1) Bangkok is an unbelievably clean city. Literally speaking, I haven’t seen any garbage or muck lying around anywhere.

2) There is no wonder that Thailand is called the ‘Land of Smiles’. The people are super helpful, always polite and inviting.

3) You can literally eat off the road in Bangkok. Whether, you are a meat-lover, vegetarian eater or fruit lover, you will find options galore and at reasonable prices.

4) The amount of fresh fruits that you see on the roadside of Bangkok is unbelievable. Be it rambutan, mangosteen, litchi, oranges, papaya, banana, big guavas, dragon fruit and more, you are in for a super duper detox treat. And the fruits come in jumbo sizes. They are super fresh as they come straight from the fruit orchards.

5) Honking is nearly negligent on the city roads. Even the driving sense is like the western world. Very sensible and patient drivers who follow the yield and drive concept very well.

6) Open air Tuk Tuks are more expensive than air conditioned metered taxis in Bangkok. May be, the tuk tuks are more expensive because they have the ability to weave through the city traffic.

7) Bangkok’s Hau Lumpong railway station is cleaner than most of India’s airports. The people are very helpful too.

8) Eve though Bangkok is fiercely popular with tourists and is quite a cosmopolitan town, most of the people and especially the working class speak no English.

9) Bangkok people are very chic when it comes to fashion. They seem to adorn themselves with the latest clothes trending in the world, great boots, a lot of make-up, hair coloring and the works.

10) Bangkok women are very petite, cute and most of them are proper head turners.

11) Bangkok wakes up early and everything happens early…breakfast, lunch, dinner and sleep.

12) Most of Bangkok does not believe in a proper meal. Everyone seems comfortable to pick snacks and food stuff off the road while they are moving from one place to another.

13) You can never predict the weather in Bangkok. At one moment, it will be clear, blue skies and another moment it will be pouring heavily and then back to blue skies. But, it will nearly always remain sultry.

14) Bangkok is full of markets. There are day markets and night markets, which basically ensure that you have a 24x7 shopping experience, albeit in different places.

15) There are gadgets everywhere in Bangkok. The iPhone doesn’t feel luxurious anymore. Almost everyone has a iPhone here. The Gadget markets especially at Pantip Plaza are mind boggling.

16) People celebrate their festivals with fervor here. I was here during Loi Krathong, one of their smaller festivals and was amazed at the crowds that turned up near the river and at temples. I am sure Songram will be a much bigger crowd puller.

17) Internet is everywhere in Bangkok, including wifi hotspots and the works, but I somehow feel that 3G prices are still on the expensive side in Thailand.

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