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Monday, January 14, 2013

20 Random Things about Thailand and the 1000th post on the blog

Today is my 52nd day in Thailand and I thought that I should may be summarize some of my random experiences from this amazing country into one post. Incidentally, this is also the 1000th post on my blog.

Below are some random highlights from my Thailand experience.

1) Thailand is often referred to as the ‘Land of Smiles’. There are two reasons to this. The people here are genuinely nice and second, most of the country is bad with English and hence when a tourist asks a question in English, they simply SMILE.

2) Everyone loves their king in Thailand. You can see this by the huge number of king posters, the insane audience when the king recently graced his country with a public appearance and the look of respect when they see their king on television.

3) Food with meat in it is cheaper than vegetables in Thailand.

4) Massage parlors are omnipresent in Thailand. But, so are their dubious status.

5) There are more SUVs and pickups than cars plying on the roads of Thailand.

6) Escort service is like a virus in Thailand. There won’t be a day without you seeing a tourist and a Thai woman holding hand in hand and roaming the streets like normal couples. And the irony is that they call themselves tourist guides when in reality they are escorts/call girls.

7) There are abysmally low bald people in Thailand. I so wish I had some of those genes in me.

8) Both men and women have a fetish for being blonde and hence you will see a lot of blonde Thai people everywhere.

9) iPhones, iPads and other latest gadgets can be seen being used everywhere in Thailand. Don’t know whether they are original or fake, but from young to old, poor to rich, small town to big city, everyone uses them.

10) More or less the entire country is connected with wi-fi and mobile connectivity even in most remote villages.

11) Whether you are in the warm and sultry South Thailand or cold and dry North Thailand, people still like to drink their water with a lot of ice in it.

12) In the north, ice-cream is served between two slices of bread with peanuts.

13) One can easily live off the street food in Thailand. There is variety, it is cheap and it tastes good.

14) There are 2 kinds of prices prescribed in Thailand. One for the locals and other for the foreign tourists. This is not just for entrance to museum or national park, but for accommodation, food, bus, et al.

15) Thailand has beautiful roads all through and hence commute by road is really quick. Driving is also very safe as people are more patient with their driving.

16) A Thailand flag can be seen in almost every building in the country especially in smaller towns.

17) Young girls and even middle aged women like to wear bunny hats on their head.

18) Long distance luxury buses in Thailand have air hostesses and captains.

19) There are a lot of lady boys in Thailand and the best part is that they live with dignity among the other citizens of this country.

20) When the men/boys speak, they end their sentence with ‘khap’. And the woman/girls end theirs with ‘ka’.

The special one is today’s date in Thailand is 14/01/56.

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