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Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to choose Fashion Accessories for your holiday?

To be fashionable is the norm these days. Whether you are going to a party, going on a date, visiting family and friends, going to work or even if you are going on a holiday, being fashionable feels good and gets you the right attention. We take care of most of our fashion while we are in the city, but we somehow seem to misplace it while we go on our holidays. I used to be more utility-driven when I started traveling. I still am, but have slowly started accessorizing myself to be more fashionable during my travels without compromising on baggage weight or making my trip cumbersome. The below list is a set of helpful fashion accessories that will make you look fashionable on your trips without making your luggage bulge. Even though these handy tips have been written from a man’s perspective, it should help even the female traveler.

Buff or Bandana

Buff as a fashion accessory

Hats and Caps make for great fashion accessories, but they are very difficult to lug around in your luggage and they are also difficult to clean in humid conditions. It is here that the bandanas come to the party. Personally, I have been a big fan of bandanas for more than a decade now. They go well with formal, semi-formal and beach clothing. And they are light and easy to maintain too. Even better than the bandana is the buff, which I was gifted by a friend last year and ever since I have been hooked. These headwear accessories can be used as a bandana, a scarf, a neck warmer, a balaclava, a headband and in many more helpful ways. They look trendy, are light to carry and can be maintained super easily. According to me, they are one of the more important fashion accessories for the traveler.

Dress Shoes for Fashion in Travel

Most of us carry our shoes according to our holiday type, which means, water shoes for beach holidays, boots for trekking holidays, walking shoes for relaxed holidays and the likes. While these solve the purpose of the holiday, our activities are bound to make them dirty and less fashionable. It is here that I request you to carry a second pair of shoes, ideally leather based. These could be dress shoes, loafers, ankle-length or full length boots. And they will come in super handy when you go for that fancy dinner or formal event or even a invite to a local home. Personally, I carry a pair of dress shoes (leather) depending on the kind of clothing I am carrying with me. And do note that these dress shoes are in addition to the boots that I also carry with me. For very hot weather, I prefer loafers.

Sunglasses are an important travel fashion accessory

Sunglasses are ubiquitous in travel fashion these days and hence it it is no surprise that it finds an mention in this list too. On your holidays, carry not one, but two pairs of sunglasses. One, a lifestyle choice that goes well with formal events and regular holidays and the second, a rugged option that is more activity based (adventure activities, beaches, games, etc.). I swear by Oakley for my crazy activities and Ray Ban as a fabulous lifestyle option.

Scarf is an important fashion accessory in travel

The scarf is one of the more under-used accessories in the men’s travel fashion wardrobe. It is light. It adds a new look to your same travel wardrobe. It comes in handy when you find it chilly especially at airports, flights and in other air conditioned environments. In simple words, the scarf adds character and warmth without taking too much space in your luggage. Personally, I carry woollen or silk scarves in my baggage. One of my favorites is a beautiful maroon scarf with a dash of colours designed by Paul Smith.

Jackets are one of the top most accessories in travel fashion, but unfortunately, they either take too much space in our baggage or add too much weight.  It is here that you need to take a call on whether you want to sway towards fashion or watch out on your baggage weight. Personally, I prefer to have at least one jacket in my bag. This could be a leather jacket, a dress jacket, a dinner jacket (corduroy also) or a down jacket (if it is too cold).

Belts make for great fashion accessories, but I hate them for the fact that they make the X-ray machines at the airports beep.  If you hate them as much as me, opt for belts without any metal in them. Belts also come in handy when you lose weight during your travels. Personally, I carry two belts with me. One, a stretch elastic (non-metal) with a bit of leather that go very well with jeans and shorts and a black or brown leather belt that I wear with my formal attire.

Ever since mobile phones became a common place, people seem to have taken a lesser fancy towards watches. Nevertheless, watches still remain an important part of fashion and hence an integral fashion accessory in travel.  Like sunglasses, I prefer to carry two watches with me. One would be a lifestyle choice and the other one would be for adventure, sports and other activities. I use a Casio G Shock to handle the rough part of my travels.

Traditionally, it is the women who don necklaces, but I think if worn the right way, men can carry it too very well. And especially during travel. You could either wear gold, metal chains, simple bead work, dog tags or black threads and pendants.  I prefer black threads and pendants or simple bead work. But, the others also make for great fashion accessories.

Bag or Luggage
Fashion in travel is incomplete without fashionable luggage. You can carry backpacks, duffel bags, hand bags, suitcases or others. They could be from designer brands, Samsonite or other regular travel luggage brands. In any case, ensure that your travel baggage complements your look. If you wear prints generally, prints would look great on your luggage. If you wear French fashion colours, opt for blacks and be on the safer side.

Travel Gadgets as a fashion accessory

These days, gadgets have usurped into our worlds and find their way into our holidays too. Since they are such an important part of our life and the fact that we flaunt it, it might be worthwhile to see if we can use it as an accessory. It could be either the gadget in itself or the gadget decked up in a case that goes with your look. These gadgets could be your mobile phone, camera, tablet or others.

I hope you found the above tips helpful and I hope that they will make your holidays more fashionable!

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