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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Great Advantages of Medical Tourism

Are you searching for cheaper medical services? How about getting your treatment abroad?

This may sound absurd but, travelling abroad for a medical treatment actually costs cheaper compared to a visit to your local hospital. Sure, you may have to pay for travel fees, but all of these expenses will be compensated because you can get the quality care that you need.

With the rising popularity of medical tourism, a lot of countries are offering impressive treatments at a lower rate. But it’s not just the services that you should look out for. After resting from your operation, you can visit a country’s popular tourist hotspots and have a grand vacation. If these reasons are not enough to convince you of going on a medical trip, read this post to learn more about its other advantages.

1. Quality Care A lot of foreign hospitals nowadays give better personal care than your local facility. The secret here is to determine the specialties of each country. Israel, for instance, features great expertise and advanced equipment in the field of oncology. In addition, services like private lung cancer treatments in Israel also come with travel packages. They can assist you in getting a visa, book your hotel, or recommend tourist attractions so you can further enjoy your stay in the country.

Hospitals in Thailand and Brazil, on the other hand, specialize in cosmetic surgery. If you wanted to undergo a facelift or rhinoplasty surgery without breaking your bank, this is the best place to go. Iran is also popular for hair transplants and nose jobs. India is great for cardio vascular and many other surgeries.

2. Ideal for people without medical insurance Not everyone can afford to have an expensive medical insurance policy that can cover numerous treatments. If the rate of your local health care service is extremely high, chances are your insurance policies will have a limited coverage. In most cases, the deductibles from these services are more expensive compared to travelling abroad. Going on a medical trip is an ideal and legitimate option for people who cannot afford to pay a decent health insurance plan.

3. Cost-effective This is the number one reason why most people travel abroad just to seek medical treatment. Depending on the type of procedure, you can actually save a lot of your budget when you visit a foreign facility.

Because most international medical procedures are extremely cheap, some people think that these services are a big scam. However, that is not true. The reason why it is cheap is that the cost of labor is low in most countries. In addition, there are several international governing bodies that evaluate the quality of service in each foreign hospital. The Joint Commission International and the International Organization for Standardization give accreditations to hospitals that provide exemplary care and treatment to their patients.

4. Improved Communication First-rate foreign hospitals have an adept physicians and staff that were trained in the United States and Europe. Even if you are in Thailand or India, you can probably meet a doctor who speaks fluent English. This will make it easier for you to understand the types of treatment that the facility has to offer.

And with the advent of technology, you can easily schedule your appointments or book your flights online. This removes the inconvenience of flying thousands of miles just to just to perform an evaluation. The only time that you will have to leave your home is on the week of the actual operation.

Are you planning to go on a medical trip sometime soon? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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