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Friday, August 28, 2015

Prague: Stag Capital of the World

If you are a stag and looking for some serious action (drinking, classic action, entertainment), I am sure your holiday options would be Bangkok, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Seoul, London or Istanbul. While these are iconic stag destinations in their own right, the current stag capital of the world is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. It offers everything that a stag looks for; from pub crawls to guns, from race and adrenaline to babes and drinks and from crazy game action to stunningly beautiful women, Prague has it all. Below are some of the top reasons and activities that substantiate why Prague is the destination to go to for your next Stag holiday. An Eastern Europe destination, international culture and a sensational cultural atmosphere are just icing on the cake.

Kalashnikov Shooting, Tank Drive and S.W.A.T Training

Sport Shooting in Prague

Most of us men might not own a gun or have served in the military, but there is no denying the fact that we are extremely attracted to the weapons of war. Prague is one of those places where you can get your hands on your favorite guns, load it with bullets and shoot it to your heart’s content in a secure environment. These could be Kalashnikovs, M-16s, AK-47s, Revolvers, Shotguns or Uzi. And all of this takes place in a cool and professional gun club where you celebrate afterwards with rounds of chilled beer.

If you wish to take it to the next level, you could join a SWAT training session where you are taught sniper tactics, weapon instructions, fighting strategies, fitness training and defence techniques. And then you take part in training attacks with real scenarios under the guidance of a real special forces instructor.

If this is not enough, you can drive your own military tank. Yes, you heard me right. Prague is one of those crazy places where you can drive a real army tank. Now, how cool is it to have that in your itinerary for a Prague stag do!

Action Games

We men always crave action. The more physical it is, the more it appeals to us. In Prague, you will find some crazy and unique action games that you can indulge in and then if you end up victorious, you can celebrate it over drinks or party at a night club.

Bubble Football – This bubble-wrapped physical game is like a game of football in a giant zorb. Technically, you are supposed to play football, but usually it ends in a rugby like physical situation with lots of fun.

Hovercrafts – This highly futuristic game allows you to drive and bump these big cushions of air with each other. Controlling these machines is a nightmare, but that is the fun of this high action game.

Quad Biking – A similar action sport, but on wheels, Quad Bikes allow you to explore an off-road trail of Prague and with some serious sound and horse power. This is a game to opt for if you are not into mindless bumping.

Paintballing – One of my favorite games, Paintballing is super fun to play with your buddies. It is like a game of hide and seek with guns. It allows you to test your stealth moves while plastering your buddies with a painful shot of paint.

Bobsledding – If you seek action on ice, the game of Bobsledding has to be it.  Rolling down on a thin sheet of ice is mighty fun and a great test of your manoeuvrability skills.

White Water Rafting – This seasonal game is a lot of fun on a warm day. Jumping over rapids downstream is a special adrenaline rush.

Go Karting – With one of the best race tracks in Eastern Europe, Go Karting is a craze in Prague. Packed with tight turns and a long circuit, this is the place to test your driving skills with your friends.

Prague Bar Crawl and Nightclubs

Prague Bar Crawls

Prague, along with Serbia’s Belgrade has possibly some of the best nightlife in the world. And hence it is a no-brainer that it is insanely popular with both stags and hens. Pub crawls, bar crawls and endless partying and dancing are in a league of its own. If you wish to get totally pissed with some class, this is the city to be in. Lap dancing clubs, mud wrestling and stag dinners are special attractions to indulge in during your Prague bar crawl and night out.

Private Parties

Stag Boat Parties of Prague

Men like guns. Men like action. Men like games. Men love to drink. Men also love women! If you are a stag, you definitely want to take part in those private parties of Prague that will give you and your friends a special experience and that it total value for money. Depending on your budget and interest, you could indulge in a Strip Party Bus, a Stag Strip Boat, a Strip Limo or a Strip Hummer. And then there are special shows and clubs for you to dig yourself deeper.

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