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Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to Travel the World as Safely as Possible

The world isn’t necessarily a dangerous place – it’s more the fact that there are some very desperate people out there, or people who will take advantage of opportunities to gain something from vulnerable people.

You shouldn’t be nervous about travelling, but you should definitely be careful to help avoid problems as best as possible. We’ve listed some tips for travelling the world as safely as possible.

Take copies of your important documents Scan your passport, your travel docs, booking information, visa info, etc. to your computer so you have them on file. Then print out a number of copies of each of them. Keep one in your hand luggage and one in each suitcase/holding bag you have. Make sure someone at home has access to the files should you need them.

Don’t keep all of your money sources in one place
At home you’d tend to keep your bank cards and your cash together in one place. It’s not the best idea to do that while you’re travelling. Instead, keep a source of cash in a few different places, so that if one should go missing or get stolen, you won’t be completely stuck without cash.

Don’t forget your travel insurance and vaccinations
It’s so vital that you have substantial travel insurance that will cover you for any problem that might occur in any country you’re going to. It’s also incredibly important that you have all of the required vaccinations ahead of travel, especially as some countries won’t let you enter unless you have proof that you’ve had them. You can find out about holiday vaccinations here.

Stick to the safest forms of transport
Certain forms of transportation when travelling can leave you more vulnerable than others; whether you’re alone or not. If possible, why not consider renting a car? This will not only make your travels safer, but also you’ll have the convenience factor and comfort too. Check out for great deals on vehicle hire abroad and whether it will be an option that can work for you.

Try to blend in as much as possible
Tourists are easy targets for opportunist criminals as they will be more vulnerable than local people, usually, and tend to carry most of their important (and valuable) belongings with them at all times. Therefore, it’s advisable to not stick out like a tourist would – don’t carry your camera around your neck, don’t consult a map in public and be wary about who you ask for advice or help.

Make sure you’re on the same page as your travel companions
If you’re travelling with someone or in a group, it’s important that you all have similar ideas when it comes to staying safe. If you’re concerned that they’re putting you in danger or at risk, it might be a good idea to consider parting ways.

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