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Friday, September 25, 2015

LG G4 and Ganesha Habba: A Photo Story and Review

Last week, right before Ganesha Habba (also known as Ganesh Chaturthi or Pilaiyar Chaturthi), I received the classy looking leather wrapped LG G4 phone for testing. Usually, when I receive a phone for testing, I test its functionality and talk more about its features, but as I received this phone right before one of India’s iconic festivals, I decided to do a photo story of Ganesha Habba through the super awesome camera of LG G4.

I will take you through the Ganesha Habba photo story first and then talk about the features of this phone.

Note: None of the photos below have been edited in any form. Each photo is straight out of the phone camera.

Ganesha Habba Photo Story 

Clarity of LG G4 is fabulous - street photo bangalore

Photo Story: A week to a month before the festival day of Ganesh Chaturthi, shops like this mushroom all over Bangalore. They sell both Ganesha and Gauri idols. And both these idols come in organic or chemical paint form. They also take special orders in case you wish for a special design, special type of clay, shape or size. While my friends booked their Ganesha and Gauri in advance, I bought an organic clay Ganesha from this lady on the spot.

Camera Performance: I was really super impressed by the detail captured in this photo. Even after zooming in quite a bit, the lady’s face was in sharp focus.

Clay Ganesha Idols for sale before Ganesh Chaturthi in Bangalore

Photo Story: Organic Ganeshas are on display at this street side shop. The ones in color that you see are organic colors made from vegetable dyes. Organic is the need of the hour as otherwise our city water bodies will be negatively affected. Eco friendly idols cost a bit more, but they help in keeping our city water clean.

Camera Performance: Sharpness of this image amazes me. I purposely shook the phone a bit, but in spite of that, the image came out very well. Credit should go to the excellent image stabilization feature of this phone.

Gauri and Ganesha Idols in full detail captured by LG G4

Photo Story: These are Gauri idols. Gauri is an incarnation of Goddess Parvathi and Ganesha’s mother. Gauri Habba is celebrated one day before Ganesh Chaturthi and is popular with newly wed couples and the women of the household. 

Camera Performance: Again, this image quality is so good that I am surprised that it was taken using a phone camera.

Gauri Idols for Gauri Habba in Bangalore

Photo Story: Generally, during the Ganesha festival, people buy both Ganesh and Gauri idols and celebrate Gauri and Ganesha Habba together at their homes.

Camera Performance:  I can’t seem to get enough of this camera. Each picture turns out to be a stunner.

The Ganesha at my home - shot at low light and with LG G4 flash

Photo Story: This is the eco friendly Ganesha idol that I brought home.

Camera Performance: As it was taken in low light, I turned on the in built flash of the phone and again, a top quality image. 

Kozhattai offerings to Lord Ganesha during Ganesha Habba

Photo Story: From the morning of Ganesha Chaturthi to the time I immersed the idol at the Yediyur Lake, we offered flowers, fruits and delicacies to the lord. Even though the offerings were made to the lord, they entered the stomachs of me and my family. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, we offer a traditional dessert called Kozhakattai. To the far left is the paruppu kozhakattai (made in my home) and to its right is coconut kozhakattai (made by my sister). This is one dessert that I really look forward to and it is one of those reasons why I dig this festival a lot. 

Camera Performance: The large aperture of the LG G4 phone camera ensured that even in low light and without flash, the image quality is top class. 

Small girl offering prayers to Ganesha and Gauri just before immersion in Bangalore lake

Photo Story: A young girl offers the final prayers to Ganesha and Gauri just before they plan on immersing the idols at the Yediyur Lake in South Bangalore. It is such traditions that make our festivals so much more interesting.

Camera Performance: I shot this in manual mode with a high shutter and that is why there is no motion blur, which is the norm with other phone cameras. Oh! I forgot to tell you that this phone offers a camera where you can shoot in both RAW and manual mode, which makes it a special gadget for all professional mobile photographers.

Yediyur Lake to immerse Ganesha and Gauri idols

Photo Story: This is the Yediyur lake, a popular place in South Bangalore where idols are immersed after Ganesh Chaturthi. A certain portion of the lake has been separated from the main lake and allocated for idol immersion. This ensures that the entire water body doesn’t get polluted. Idols are immersed here after prayers and with lots of traditional music. There are a group of people who are in charge to carry out the immersion. This solves the problem of people drowning while immersion of idols.

Camera Performance: Even though the picture was taken in bright light, it hasn’t come over exposed. So, the phone has a feature in which it compensates exposure.

Detailed Camera Review

In addition to doing the photo story during the Ganesha festival, I got many opportunities to test this phone thoroughly. Everywhere I went, the phone definitely turned heads. And its excellent camera kept me wondering if I had a phone in my hand or a DSLR. Below, I have mentioned the top features of this phone.

LG G4 Phone and its camera
Photo Courtesy: LG India

1) This sleek phone with its leather back is definitely a head turner. Gives the phone a super rich look.

2) The LG G4 has a bright screen with a gorgeous contrast. Watching pictures and videos and playing games on this phone is an absolute pleasure.

3) It comes with the latest version of Android with a LG layer on top. If you are an Android user, you will get used to it real quick.

4) With a 16 MP back camera, a 8 MP front camera, a fast 1.8 lens, the ability to shoot in manual and raw, solid image stabilization and many more such handy features makes the camera of this phone a powerhouse. The performance is excellent and is one that I would recommend in case you are looking for a solid camera phone.

5) Replaceable battery and expandable storage are good to have features.


If you are looking for a phone with a top camera, the LG G4 is a definite runner. And if you also want a rich looking, large screen, powerful Android phone, then, the LG G4 becomes a solid contender. I would recommend it to all those mobile photographers who like to share selfies or other pictures on their facebook, instagram and other social channels. It’s top quality camera will ensure that your pictures stand out from the rest.

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