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Monday, November 16, 2015

An Arabian Experience

It is that time of the year when the weather is perfect in Dubai, but this often means that prices are higher. So, what should we travelers do to make the best of the fantastic winter weather in Dubai and not make a hole in our pockets? Well, I found an answer to this question on my recent trip to Dubai when I literally struck gold! I actually came across some truly unbeatable Dubai hotel packages at the start of the season. This meant that I was not only able to make the best of sightseeing happen but it also reduced my overall spend.

The good news for travelers in 2016 is that, despite prices imminently going up on account of the Expo 2020, plenty of India-based and Middle East-based hoteliers have hatched some truly inviting offers, to attract a bulk of tourists that are expected to fly in for the Expo. Finding hotels and locking your suite takes some doing especially if you are on a budget, all the same.

But for anyone who has a long list of attractions as well as activities like hitting the Global Village or touring Abu Dhabi in mind, then it is best to follow a set of simple steps for finding accommodation that doesn’t break the bank and yet allows you a truly magnificent stay. Here they are!

1) Research well: Let’s face it; Dubai is a traveller’s paradise. Everything from its malls, entertainment to even the best of attractions is geared toward global visibility and exudes excellence that is tough to ignore even in the most novice traveler. Accordingly, one must surf far and wide to find the one place that can bring you the best of it for cheaper. For instance, Dubai hotels away from the central district are a good bet, since connectivity is brilliant and your premium per night shoots up with increasing proximity to the city’s prominent landmarks. So be prudent and save here to be able to spend elsewhere.

Famous hotels of Dubai

2) Look for value: Dubai’s best hotels will typically be those that offer side-features which make the final price of your room tariff worth it. While these could range from free Wi-Fi to even shuttle services or complimentary breakfast, make sure to utilize these. In the process, not only does one save on other auxiliary expenses like food or transport, but can allocate more for shopping or otherwise.

Luxury holiday in Dubai

3) Be smart: Like any foreign nation, there will be no shortage of possibilities where a local may try ripping you off. Be mindful of the kind of rates you are expected to pay, whether it is a restaurant or even a cab ride. Be wary of silver-tongued people at places like the souk or the airport as they often try to swindle away extra bucks in the pretext of a ready ride or tour.

Dubai is the visual desert storm anyone would love to revisit. So it is time for you to get packing and head out!

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