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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

5 places in the world you won’t believe that exist

While visiting some exotic countries, it is sometimes smart to look beyond your stay at luxurious and comfortable hotels. Sometimes, the real spirit of the country can be seen in places that are usually not very popular among tourist groups. And sometimes it can be so hidden, we might never guess that it actually exists!

So today, let's open the curtain of five places around the globe that are so forgotten by many tourists groups and companies, you might be hearing about them for the first time in your lives. But that does not mean that these places are some kind of wrong or ugly. In fact, they are really breath-taking and worth visiting for sure! After reading the article, definitely don't forget to find a nice website to book cheap hotels too, so your traveling around the globe can be even more fun and enjoyable! 

A little life in a place of death

Sossusvlei Salt Flats of Namibian Desert

It is not surprising to say that the hottest and driest point on the Earth can be found in Africa, the Namibian desert. But what is interesting about this place is the fact, that this land of death is not so empty. In fact, in the merciless sun-baked Sossusvlei salt land grow some trees, which, to be fair, do not have abundant foliage.

To stay here for a longer period of time is not recommended, but even those few minutes spent will be remembered for long. The white salt surface is overspread with pink dunes and framed with beautifully blue sky that creates a beautiful contrast. So don't forget to bring your camera too, since this desert looks very photogenic in pictures too.

In the skeleton coast - skeletons and peace

In ancient times, this place was called the Hell's coast. Also found in Namibia, it will take your breath away with its super strong winds and a coast full of dozens of shattered ships.

In the beach, you can not only take a look at the sand dunes, but also check out a lot of wooden and metal debris too. Moreover, some time ago on this beach, twelve mysterious headless skeletons were found, making this coastline, one of the scariest ever. Probably, because of that this place is not very loved by tons of tourists., Hence, if you are not afraid of horrific local legends, go on and enjoy some peacefulness and tranquillity – this place is perfect for you. Visitors are seen very rarely in here!

From the desert dunes to a refreshing lake

Huacachina oasis of Peru

If one day you get lost in the desert in Peru, and see many trees and houses surrounding a small body of water – don’t panic. It is not a mirage – you are likely to have come across the Huacachina oasis, which is slowly becoming a resort town.

To be fair, this oasis is pretty popular among snowboarding enthusiasts. But not that ordinary ones, since here is no snow. Snowboarders actually slide down the huge sand hills, so here there is no need to protect yourself from the cold winter wind as well.  Moreover, the oasis is just five hours away from the Peru’s capital city of Lima, so while you visit this country, you can visit both of these places, and can kill two birds with one stone!

Blood-colored Weed Beach

Every fall in China, around the city Panjino, the view starts to change. The entire 26-kilometer-long riverside beach turns red, because of one of a kind weed growing in this place.

Although visitors can walk only on narrow wooden tracks overhanging above the ground, you can still enjoy the stunning view of a gorgeous red horizon full of thousands of migrating birds. This place will offer one of the most magical days of your lifetime, and your selfies will look stunning here too.

Pink algae and salt lake

Pink Lake Retba of Senegal

We are used to enjoying the crystal-clear waters of lakes and perfect beaches, but Senegal’s most popular Lake Retba is nothing like that at all. It is actually pink! This unusual color is due to an unique type of algae living in the bottom of the lake. The beauty of this lake is in its different shades of pink that vary with the rays of the sun. Nature can’t get any prettier than this.

The lake is pretty salty, so just like in the Black or Dead sea, you can jump and swim in it without any additional safety gear at all. So you trip to the Pink Lake can be even more amazing since you will get a chance to swim in it too.

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