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Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Global Confluence of Music, Dance and Spirituality: Don’t miss to be a part of it!

From the 11th to the 13th of March, 2016, the capital of India (New Delhi) is playing host to an event of gargantuan proportions. Everything about it seems to dazzle the eye, senses and the mind. The Art of Living is celebrating the momentous occasion of its 35th anniversary through the ‘World Culture Festival’ where people from 155 countries unite for the cause of global peace. In simple words, it is going to be the biggest entertainment (art, music and dance) event ever hosted in India. Some of its proportions are beyond my wildest imagination. Take some of these figures as examples of this mighty event:

1) The stage for this event is the size of six football fields

2) More than 25,000 artists are going to perform live at this festival, which makes it the largest live concert ever.

3) 3.5 million people are expected to attend, including world leaders and celebrities, which makes it on par with the Soccer World Cup in Brazil and bigger than the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the ICC Cricket World Cup in India.

4) 8,000 musicians are supposed to dazzle the spectators through the 40 odd instruments that they will be playing. Now, that according to me is a true music festival and one that every music lover will appreciate.

While the numbers do tell the story, I for one am entranced about getting to see the art music, dance and cultures of the world in one place. I don’t see any place in the world where you will get to see all of this in 3 days.

1) The Mystical Dervish Whirling dancers of Turkey

2) Sri Lanka’s traditional Kandyan dance

3) 100 dancers showing the different dances from Indonesia

4) German Choir

5) 500 Bulgarian Dancers

6) Nepal’s folk dance

7) Hip Hop dancers from the United States of America

8) 650 African Drummers

9) 100 Argentinian dancers doing the Tango

10) 100 glittering Brazilian Samba dancers

11) Traditional dances from Pakistan

12) 300 Thai dancers who bring alive the Royal art, dance and music

13) Folk dance from Hungary

14) 100 folk dancers from Russia

15) Traditional performances from the Middle East

16) More than 200 dancers bring dance forms from different parts of the Philippines

17) Grand performers from Belarus

18) Trapeze dancers from Japan

19) More than 500 exotic Latin American dancers

20) 100 Lithuanian Musicians

21) Traditional Japanese dancers

22) Huge Swiss Alphorns

23) 1000 Chinese singers

and so much more…

It is going to like a ‘duniya darshan’ in 3 days. We will know more about the world through its art, music and dances than ever before. This World Culture Festival 2016 is going to offer one unprecedented high to all its visitors, who will learn to celebrate cultural diversity.

This festival is not just going to be about art, music and dance. In between, there will be spirituality and meditation sessions spearheaded by none other than Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the Founder of Art of Living himself and his team. The goal of these sessions is to embrace spirituality and add serenity to the loud and clear voice of unity, oneness and celebration. And to share India’s special genius of spirituality as a solace for the world.

Do you want to go on this ‘duniya darshan’ journey? Do you want to explore and experience the musical roots of various cultures and traditions from around the world? Do you want to make noise about the goodness in the world? Do you want to vividly showcase and experience total harmony despite the diversity in nationality, race, culture, religion, traditions and more? Do you want to witness India’s biggest festival ever?

Well, get ready to pack your bags and experience global culture like never before!!

Dates to Remember: 11th to 13th March, 2016

Destination: New Delhi (Live Web Streaming is also possible)

Oh! I forgot to mention that this event is absolutely FREE for all!

World Culture Festival

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