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Monday, May 30, 2016

An International Traveler’s Best Friend

Airline Check-ins! Hotel Bookings! Checking out the latest currency conversion value! Finding that amazing restaurant! Navigating the streets of an unknown city! Staying in touch with family and friends! Working on the move! Being active on social media! As a world traveler, I do all this and much more. But, all of this requires connectivity and that is the crux of this article – ‘What is the best form of connectivity while we are traveling?’.

International roaming is generally so expensive that I almost never use it. I love free wi-fi, but always yearn for better speeds and permanent connectivity. Local sims are a good option, but the buying, activation process, local idiosyncrasies, and the high costs at many times are a deterrent. Over many years of my travels, I always sought for that communication product that would allow me to stay connected irrespective of country or device. The search ended when I came across Transatel DataSIM earlier this year, a radical innovation that solves all my connectivity problems through their international data SIM.

Transatel DataSIM - connectivity for all my devices during my travels

Transatel is this simple mobile operator that offers the option of an international prepaid data sim and/or a portable hotspot across 46 countries. I have been using both their data sim and their hotspot for a while now during my international travels and have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with their services, their coverage and the overall value they provide to me as an international traveler.

These days, most of us travelers hardly make normal phone calls. If we do, they are either through WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Viber or any other many other apps available in the market today. Basically, everything runs on data. I fall into this traveler category too. Whether you are a business or a leisure traveler, if you too are a data traveler, then you will be definitely interested in reading more about this product.

1) Always Stay Connected at Local Prices

The one simple reason I love my Transatel DataSIM is because it allows me to be always connected without any of the head aches of searching for connectivity. I don’t need to look for free wi-fi zones, buy a cup of expensive and bad coffee just to use their wi-fi, pay hefty international roaming charges or go about figuring out the world of the local sims. I am simply connected always through just one data SIM. And I end up paying only the local rates. It is like that dream value proposition to me as an international traveler. As I see it, it doesn’t get any better than this.

2) Coverage in 46 Countries

My Transatel DataSIM allows me to be connected in 46 countries. This includes India, USA, most of Europe, South East Asia, East Asia and some parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa. I am hoping that they expand into more countries so that I can permanently leave my connectivity worries behind. It makes perfect sense for an international traveler from India as the Transatel coverage regions include most of the international destinations popular with Indians – Singapore, Thailand, USA, France, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Spain, Cambodia and Turkey.

3) One Connection for all your devices or even your entire Family

Transatel DataSIM HotSpot Device

We are currently living in the era of gadgets. Each one of us use at least 3 gadgets while traveling. I personally carry a phone, a kindle, a tablet and a laptop with me on my travels. Now, bring a family into the equation and that number soars up. Now, think about the ballooning costs if you have to get connectivity for all your family members or friends. That is where I love the Transatel data hotspot device. This device allows up to 10 devices to connect to it simultaneously and all this for the regular price of one data SIM.

4) Easy Recharge. Pay as you go!

This data SIM works like any prepaid card. All you have to do is load some credit into your account and you are good to go in all of the coverage zones. Rates do differ by country, but as everything is transparent and mentioned on the Transatel website, you exactly know how much you are spending. Depending on your recharge amount, you get a certain validity. All the recharge details, validity date, balance amount and more can be found in your online account at all times.

5) 18 Month SIM Validity

Transatel DataSim - best connectivity for my travels

This is not applicable to me as I travel very frequently, but those of you who make those annual holidays, your Transatel DataSIM doesn’t expire for a period of 18 months after last use. This means that you can use your SIM once during your annual international holiday and it remains active till your next annual holiday. All you have to do is recharge the next time you go on your family vacation. I think this is a very handy feature to have and brings additional value to this deal.

6) Worldwide Shipping

Transatel ships their DataSIM all over the world. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have coverage in your country. All you have to see is if they provide connectivity in the country that you are visiting.

7) English Customer Support

Even though the data SIM is a fairly easy to use plug and play kind of device, like with most technical products, people do require help from time to time. I certainly did need assistance to get it set up initially. The customer support team, which is available on phone and email helped me with all the process. This is a great support system to have and one that we appreciate in times of need.

An added bonus news for travellers is that Tranastel DataSIM is launching special data bundles for specific zones and countries today. They will have EuroPass, AsiaPass and specifically for France, Spain, Switzerland, UK and Taiwan. You would be able to convert your credit to data bundles and customize it based on your destination.

As you can see, the Transatel DataSIM is quite a revolutionary product. It’s super handy features, amazing benefits and total value for money makes it my best friend during my international travels. I was sold simply on its coverage and cost value. It’s other features are simply an icing on the cake for me. Do you think this can be your best form of connectivity while traveling?

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