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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

What adventures can you expect from long trek vacations?

For some people, the idea of a vacation goes no further than the idea of lounging on a beach or around a pool, soaking in the sunshine, turning off their cellphones, and taking things extremely easy. However, there are plenty of others who want their break to be an adventure that provides them with memories to last a lifetime, and wish to visit some of the most spectacular and impressive locations on the planet.

One of the main factors to take into account when seeking out this kind of trip is that often the most valued places to visit are some way off the beaten track, and that's why a long trek vacation is so popular these days. In fact, traditional “activity-based” getaways, such as a cruise or a driving vacation, are falling out of favor for many who can see both the health benefits and the added aspect of adventure that only a long trek can bring.


Today, we are so used to being able to go everywhere by traveling in some kind of automobile, that the idea of places inaccessible to off-road four-wheel drive SUVs is often far from the mind of most people. If you take a minute to think about it though, the fact that many major attractions in the US have been developed to include easy access by road has sometimes devalued their original appeal.

By taking a walking or trekking vacation, you can go and explore places that vehicles simply can't reach. Some of the most impressive ruins and lost wonders of the world are deep in areas that can only be arrived at on foot, and this is especially true when you decide to visit destinations in countries such as China, where the Great Wall is a perfect example of a walking vacation attraction unlike any other.

Different environments

One of the biggest thrills of taking a vacation that has a sense of adventure to it is exploring environments that are alien to your everyday experience, whether that might be a desert landscape, jungle canopy, or mountain range. Obviously, this kind of getaway needs more preparation than the usual sun-seeking kind, where throwing some swimwear and a change of clothes into a bag can get you through. If you are taking a trek through a more challenging environment, you need to take into account different climates and weather patterns as well as the make-up of the landscape itself.

Clothing and equipment

For each type of adventure, you will need to be prepared with the right kit. For instance, for mountain treks or walking over rocky terrain, having the right kind of specialized footwear is essential. In hotter climates, walking any distance can cause dehydration problems, and so making sure your clothing is suitable and made from breathable fabrics is a key factor.

However, fitness levels are also important as stamina is needed for endurance, and a general healthy state is required so that you can enjoy the trek without feeling worse for wear. Of course, if you are carrying an injury or suffer from long-term muscle or joint problems, this is something you need to address. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can prepare yourself by using specialized clothing that helps recovery and prevents further injury. You can check out the full specs of what is on offer, but specific items such as knee sleeves can really make a difference on a long walk.

Cheats and tricks

Of course, just because something is off-road doesn't mean that you can't use other tricks to get closer to your objective and cut miles from your trek. In some cases, using boats or other waterborne vehicles can cut traveling time and allow you to use your actual trekking miles to the best advantage. In some cases, a helicopter can give you access to the remotest areas and give you a head start. These aren't really cheating as they simply allow you to enjoy the unique aspects of your journey, while also adding a little extra experience into the overall mix.

Unique vacation

The wild and natural landscapes that you can discover on a trekking vacation can vary from dramatic coastal trails in temperate climates right through to a rainforest in monsoon season. The simple fact is that there is often no other way to fully experience these environments apart from by exploring slowly on foot. As long as you equip yourself with the correct outdoor kit, you can be sure that your trek will be safe and comfortable and you'll have a unique story to tell those who might not ever share those experiences.

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