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Friday, June 10, 2016

Four European Legends That Will Stir your Interest While Travelling to Europe

Verdant greenery, ancient sites, amazing cities, and a vibrant culture – what else could describe the continent of Europe? From the stories of great kings to those of gladiators, there is a lot to explore in this gracious territory of the mighty. And while you traverse from city to city, province to province, just like a wanderlust seeks an adventure away from the craziness of everyday life, why not get acquainted with the locals.

And when it comes to mingling with the locals, conversing in their language, trying their food delicacies, and of course becoming a part of their culture, why not turn a keen ear to some local legends. Yes! You heard it right, Legends that will interest your mind, tickle your curiosity, and leave you with great conversations. So, before you head out to European holidays, buying the valuable foreign exchange, and booking the right accommodation, do take a look at these impressive legends.

Portugal – The Cock of Barcelos

Rooster of Barcelos

Ever heard of a verdict in a murder case given by a cock. Then you should surely go to Barcelos and spot the rooster who saved the life of an innocent man. Legend says that long time ago a murder was committed, and a Galician pilgrim was blamed for it. Mysteriously, the roasted chicken that was placed in front of the judge for dinner came to life to prove the pilgrim’s innocence.

France – Broceliande Forest

Merlin's Tomb - France

King Arthur and his advisor Merlin are quite popular in Europe. But did you know Merlin had a secret lover, Viviane. Legend says that Merlin taught her everything about magic, and she imprisoned him in nine invisible rings of air prison. These air prisons kept him back from returning to Arthur. Till date, the locals believe that Merlin’s tomb hides this prison of air.

Norway –Selma

Seljord Lake - Norway

Zoology has listed millions of creatures, but some of them still continue to be a mystery. One such creature is Selma, the 30 feet long serpent that is spotted by a very few. Legends say that the creature was first spotted back in the 1880s. Legend also says that the creature is spotted by very few on dusky evenings near the lake Seljordsvatnet, close to Telmark, Norway. While many stories describe it as a harmless being, still something strange popping out of water in the middle of a wonderful evening will surely terrify you.

Netherlands- Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman - Netherlands

Popular among sailors, the Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship doomed to sail the oceans forever. In 1795, a Dutch ship captained by Bernard Fokke got lost in the storm. Legend says that if anyone spots the ship, a streak of misfortune hails him and his family. However, very few people have spotted this ship, so there is no need to worry.

With several such small and big legends spurring around different provinces in Europe, we are sure that your Europe trip will be exciting and filled with amusement and fun. And when you are returning back from this alluring region, make sure to collect some souvenirs to remind you of the amazing trip.

And when you are left with excessive forex, you can surely convert the Euro to INR through various forex services. Or keep it back for another exciting tour to this wonderful region.

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