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Thursday, December 01, 2016

Israel: Offbeat Romantic Destination for Indians

Are you looking to plan your offbeat luxury honeymoon? Are you looking for that off beat destination where you can go with your partner on a romantic holiday? Well, if you are, then this article is just for you.

Ever thought of romancing in a Middle East that is vastly different than the one we know. A Middle East that offers an amazing concoction of luxury, vibrant nightlife, complete freedom to women, lip smacking food, amazing natural wonders and a cultural experience that is second to none. I am talking about Israel, the country that I like to refer to as the different Middle East.

Trending worldwide as a hot destination in 2016, Israel is slowly catching the attention of us Indians too. After all with amazing attractions like Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Red Sea, Akko and other natural and cultural gems, I am not surprised that the world is awakening to this sensational destination.

If you delve deeper, Israel has all the secret ingredients for that special romantic holiday. Below are some of the top ticket items based on my personal experience.

Dead Sea: Mother Nature’s Very Own Mud Spa

Floating in the Dead Sea, Israel

One of the top 7 natural wonders of the world and the world’s lowest point, I like to refer to the Dead Sea as Mother Nature’s very own mud spa. Straddled with luxury properties, the Dead Sea is perfect for that couple spa, that rich experience of floating and reading a book while feeling the sting in your eyes and skin due to the extreme saline nature of the water and that special experience that a natural wonder offers you.

Woman Empowerment like no other

Unlike the rest of the Middle East where the men call the shots and the women feel restricted, Israel offers total freedom to women. Be it respect, dress code or empowerment, women enjoy total freedom here. I am sure my lady friends will concur with me here.

Jerusalem: Where it all began

Sunset over Jerusalem, Israel

One of the oldest cities in the world, this holy land is the birthplace of three of our modern day religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is an absolute pleasure to walk through the lanes and by lanes of this city of gold where the quaint neighborhood rubs shoulders with the modern city. The old city, the monasteries, the temples, the archaeological sites and the markets are absolute must visits.

Tel Aviv: Vibrancy, Nightlife and Beaches

Vibrant Nightlife of Tel Aviv, Israel

It is at Tel Aviv that you discover that Israel is not just about culture, history and religion. It is here that you discover the young souls of this country who love their beaches, their parties, their shopping and their vibrant lifestyle. Tel Aviv is ideal for you if you love dazzling nightlife, local markets and shopping malls, festivals and beach action. Azriely lookout for a stunning view of Tel Aviv and the flea market of Old Jaffna are my personal favorites.

Delicious Local Food that is Perfect for Vegetarians

Delicious Israeli Food

The sheer thought of Falafels, Moutabel, Tabouleh, Baba Ghanoush, Hummus, pita bread and the traditional Kosher food makes my mouth water. While the meat lovers would take an instant liking to Chamin, the traditional Shabbat stew and the ubiquitous shawarma, the vegetarians should not feel left behind. Israel is possibly the only country in the entire Middle East where the vegetarians enjoy a lot of delicious local options, due to kashrut (the rules of keeping kosher, one of the Jewish religious laws concerning food).

Oodles of Luxury

Luxury Beach holiday in Israel

No romantic holiday is complete without some pampering. Israel offers a lot of such pampering through its luxury hotel properties, five star hotels and traditional luxury setups. Most of the top international hospitality chains have their presence in hotspots such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Dead Sea and the other locations.

Tons of Adventure

Trekking and Climbing Adventure in the Deserts of Israel

These days couples crave adrenaline rushes and adventure as much as they crave romance. If you fit this bill, you will find solace while indulging in some scuba diving in the Red Sea, camping bedouin style in the middle of the Judean desert and hiking in the Ein Avdat Canyon or the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.

Go discover this different Middle East and see for yourself why I rate Israel as a top off beat destination for all Indian travelers, especially for their romantic holidays.

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