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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

12 Gorgeous places to stay during a weekend getaway from Bangalore

12 Gorgeous places to stay during a weekend getaway from Bangalore

It is that time of the year when the Western Ghats are going to be the home of rich monsoon action with lush green surroundings, bustling nature, full water bodies and simply a lot of abundance. This is also the perfect time to head west from Bangalore to experience those surreal weekend and long weekend getaways that include idyllic walks in the rain, sipping hot cups of tea or coffee and reading/relaxing while the world dissolves itself in a blur of rain, mist and fog and going on monsoon treks.

But, the key question here is where to go? Do you go mainstream or do you go offbeat? Do you go to Kerala, Tamil Nadu or stay in Karnataka? Do you opt for a home stay or do you stay in a luxury resort? Should you opt for budget or should you splurge?

I am pretty sure that you might many such questions in your head prior to planning your weekend getaway from Bangalore. I can’t possibly answer all of your questions, but I can certainly guide you to some of the prettiest properties in the Western Ghats for a possibly monsoon weekend or long weekend holiday for you, your friends and your family. These properties fall under a wide budget, luxury and experience net and hence could cater to a wide variety of people. Here is the full list of these 12 gorgeous places from which you can pick n choose for your next Bangalore weekend getaway.

1) Aham Anubhava: Wayanad, Kerala

Drone shot of Aham Anubhava, Mylambady, Wayanad, Kerala

Aham Anubhava is your traditional plantation home located in rural Wayanad. This is the kind of place to go to if you crave for quiet, lush nature, delicious food and lazy walks. This rural getaway is a perfect place to get in close proximity with Kerala’s laidback countryside, rich birdlife and may be even some wild animals. The highlight of a stay here has to be the lip smacking food prepared by the female head of this family.

You can read my full review here: Aham Anubhava: Traditional Plantation home in Rural, Wayanad, Kerala

Distance from Bangalore: 260 kms

Budget Range: $$

Experiences to be had: Plantation home, Rural holiday, Home cooked Brahmin food

2) Gravityville: Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Straight out of a fairytale - Gravityville, Ooty

Gravityville is straight out of a fairy tale. It is a 1936 colonial home located on a 1 acre plot very close to the golf courses in Ooty. It’s well thought through design, pristine surroundings and easy access to the tourist attractions of Ooty town and outside makes it a hot favorite. And right now, you can get the entire home for a steal. Look it up on AirBnB.

You can read my full review here: Gravityville: A Fairytale Home in the Queen of Hills ‘Ooty

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Distance from Bangalore: 260 kms

Budget Range: $$

Experiences to be had: British era colonial bungalow, Creative design

3) Keremane: Sringeri, Karnataka

Keremane Homestay - Sringeri

Keremane is your traditional and simple Brahmin household that is surrounded by farms, forests and mountains. The place is simple when it comes to modern day comforts, but it is truly five star when it comes to mother nature. It is a great base for a temple, waterfall or a rainforest holiday. Do remember to try out the vegetarian meals here.

You can read my full review here: Keremane Homestay: Solitude in the Western Ghats

Distance from Bangalore: 325 kms

Budget Range: $$

Experiences to be had: Traditional Homestay surrounded by rainforests, Absolute calm and peace, Lush nature

4) Honey Valley Estate: Coorg, Karnataka

Honey Valley Resort, Coorg

They were once the largest producers of honey. Today, they make do with coffee estates, spice farms, fruit orchards and an extremely popular homestay. All of 100 acres, Honey Valley Estate is the last point of civilization before you head into tropical jungles and to Thadiyendamol, the highest peak in Coorg. The highlight of a stay here are its umpteen walks and treks.

You can read my full review here: Honey Valley Resort: A Peaceful Homestay in Coorg

Distance from Bangalore: 260 kms

Budget Range: $$

Experiences to be had: 100 acres of coffee estate and spice gardens surrounded by waterfalls, streams, rainforests and tall mountains, bird watching

5) Windermere River House: Inchathotty, Kerala

The Gorgeous Windermere River house property at Neriamangalam

If you are looking for a tropical destination to unwind, Windermere River House has to be it. Located by the banks of the Periyar river, Windermere River house offers that perfect blend of luxury, nature and laidback Kerala countryside. The Thattekad Bird sanctuary and the Neriamangalam forest are located close by for all those bird and wildlife lovers.

You can read my full review here: Windermere River House: Where time goes for a stroll

Distance from Bangalore: 535 kms

Budget Range: $$$

Experiences to be had:

6) Niraamaya Cardamom Club, Thekkady, Kerala

Niraamaya Cardamom Club, Thekkady, Kerala

Niraamaya Cardamom Club is the kind of place where you can not only relax, but can rekindle romance. Surrounded by cardamom plantations, this place dishes out some amazing Kerala food and offers some authentic Kerala style Ayurvedic massages. Even though Periyar Tiger Reserve and Thekkady are the main highlights here, one can trek around the property and hope to get lucky with wildlife sightings.

You can read my full review here: Niraamaya Cardamom Club: Slice of Heaven in Thekkady, Kerala

Distance from Bangalore: 500 kms

Budget Range: $$$$

Experiences to be had: Cardamom plantations, Traditional Kerala cuisine, Easy access to Periyar tiger reserve

7) Dodda Mane, Agumbe, Karnataka

Dodda Mane, Agumbe, Karnataka

Do you remember the popular TV show ‘Malgudi Days’ that used to air on Doordarshan a couple of decades back. Well, Dodda Mane is the place where this TV series was shot. This place, which literally translates into big house is not just famous for its history with Malgudi days, but also for its rustic hospitality and rainforest surroundings. This place is like your grandmother’s home – warm and happy. The food here will definitely blow your mind. I will return here in a jiffy just for its food.

You can read my full review here: Dodda Mane at Agumbe: Great Hospitality with a rustic homely experience

Distance from Bangalore: 355 kms

Budget Range: $

Experiences to be had: The house where Malgudi days was shot, Rainforests, Monsoon treks and King Cobra

8) Windermere Estate, Munnar, Kerala

Open to the Sky Lunch at Winderemere Estate, Munnar

Located just outside of bustling Munnar town is Windermere Estate, a gorgeous cardamom and tea plantation that is surrounded by the towering mountains of the Western Ghats. This luxurious plantation home is perfect for those who wish to explore Munnar and the offbeat destinations around Munnar while indulging in a bit of comfort. The library here is the perfect place for all those book lovers and for those lazy bums.

You can read my full review here: Windermere Estate: Luxurious Plantation Home in Munnar

Distance from Bangalore: 440 kms

Budget Range: $$$$

Experiences to be had: Cardamom and Tea plantations, Luxurious mountain holiday

9) Malnad Homestay, Bisle Ghat, Karnataka

Monsoon Motorcycle Rural holiday to Athihally, Karnataka

Malnad Homestay is your typical rural homestay that is simple, authentic and is located in a remote village. Surrounded by cardamom and pepper plantations, this is the kind of place that will be liked by budget travelers. Go here for the gastronomic experience. Meat lovers will have an absolute ball here.

You can read my full review here: Malnad Homestay: Perfect Rural Holiday in Karnataka

Distance from Bangalore: 240 kms

Budget Range: $

Experiences to be had:  Delicious Malnad Food, Cardamom lantations, Rural holiday

10) Gramam Homestay, Kochi, Kerala

Gramam Homestay, Kochi, Kerala

A Kerala backwater holiday cannot get any better than this. Located by the backwaters, Gramam Homestay is a traditional Kerala home that is located in a small village about 40 minutes from Kochi. It is that kind of a place that allows you to enjoy the countryside atmosphere while not being too far away from the charms of Kochi old city.

You can read my full review here: Gramam Homestay: Blissful Kerala Backwater Paradise near Kochi

Distance from Bangalore: 520 kms

Budget Range: $$

Experiences to be had: Kerala Backwaters, Traditional Kerala food, Kerala countryside, Lush green environment

11) Chingaara Estate, Coorg, Karnataka

Chingaara Estate, Coorg

Contiguous with Honey Valley Estate, Chingaara estate is named after the mighty Chingaara waterfall that is located in the property. The father runs the budget Honey Valley estate, while the son runs a slightly more upscale Chingaara homestay. This place is ideal for those who love long nature walks and treks. You can also soak in the sun and catch up on some reading.

You can read my full review here:  I don’t have a property review written about this place, but I have one about the waterfall after which it is named. Here it is: Tropical Trek to Chingara Falls, Coorg

Distance from Bangalore: 260 kms

Budget Range: $$

Experiences to be had: Chingaara waterfall, 100 acres of coffee estates and spice gardens surrounded by rainforests

12) Monica Garden Tea Bungalow, Valparai, Tamil Nadu

Grey Malabar Hornbill seen at Monica Garden Tea Bungalow, Valparai

This is the kind of place where you can spot rare birds and wildlife right from the property itself. Part of the Woodbriar group, Monica Garden Tea Bungalow is a British colonial bungalow that is surrounded by tea estates and the Anaimalai tiger reserve. It is perfect for large families who want to have a special hill station holiday. The in-house chef and especially the dessert chef are legendary.

You can read my full review here: Monica Garden Tea Bungalow: A Colonial Holiday House at Valparai

Distance from Bangalore: 400 kms

Budget Range: $$$

Experiences to be had: Tea Estates, Wildlife sightings, Delicious food, Colonial British bungalow, Hill station

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