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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Who makes the best Lassi of India?

The famous Jodhpur Lassi at Shri Mishrilal Hotel, Ghanta Ghar

No one in their right mind will not like the Indian Lassi! Arguably India’s most popular and famous drink, this thick and sweet yoghurt drink that comes in many flavors and thickness can send you on a dizzy path to foodie heaven. Whether it is the traditional sweet lassi, mango lassi, dry fruit lassi, elaichi lassi, zafrani lassi or any of the many other flavors, this drink is had all through the year. Some have it in the morning on an empty stomach as a daily dose of probiotic. Some have it to beat the summer heat. And some have it to digest a heavy Indian meal. And each of them enjoy the happiness quotient that comes along with it.

Freshly made Lassi on the streets of Amritsar

But, the key question here is, where to find the best lassi of India? While there are lassi shops galore in all the towns and cities of India, not everyone gives you that foodie heaven trip. I am an extremely big fan of this sweet drink and have tried it almost in every single Indian village, town, city, highway that I have visited and where it was available.

Lassi making machine at iconic Lassiwala of Jaipur, Rajasthan

There are a few that have left a long lasting effect on me. They are:

1) The simple, but fresh and thick lassi served with no sugar early in the morning on the small bylanes of Amritsar old city. It one of the top Amritsar food experiences and is definitely my favorite for its sheer simplicity, texture and taste.

2) The divinely creamy and thick Elaichi and pista lassi of Shri Mishrilal hotel at Ghanta Ghar, Jodhpur. This lassi is literally like ice-cream and is to be had with a spoon. Goes extremely well with spicy chilli bajji and kachori. A great breakfast idea in the blue city of Jodhpur and a hot favorite for those who like their lassi rich and creamy.

3) A fresh glass of thick lassi served with malai at the iconic Lassiwala of Jaipur, one of the top foodie experiences of Jaipur.  This lassi is not as rich as the Jodhpur one, but still packs quite a punch.

4) The lassi available on the highway dhabas in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana who have their own cows. This fresh lassi goes so well with the traditional Punjabi food that these dhabas dish out.

The iconic snack of Jodhpur

Well, these are my favorite places to have the best lassi experience in India. I would love to hear your lassi experiences so that I can try them out when I visit that place next. Let’s share this love for lassi!

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