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Sunday, July 07, 2019

WeCcarryy: No more check-in luggage hassles

No more check-in luggage hassles

One of the classic headaches of air travel is check-in luggage!

Problem Statement: Baggage Worries

WeCcarryy - Avoiding luggage check-in problems

You have to ensure that everything is according to the airline weight restrictions or you end up paying an additional fee. Hence, we carefully pack keeping the weight restrictions in mind, measure the weight and keep re-packing till the weight is within limits. Then, we lug it all the way to the airline check-in counter to check it in. Standing in long queues with our heavy luggage is another hassle. Then comes the agonizing wait for the check-in luggage at the destination baggage belt and finally you lug it to your hotel room or home.

Add to it excess luggage, kids in tow and elderly travelers and you have a full blown pulsating headache.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our luggage somehow managed to reach our destination hotel and we got to enjoy and chill during our flight journeys?

Solution: Innovative Door to Door Luggage Shipping Service

For a long while, there was no solution in sight and people either resorted to handling the pain or they ended up traveling light. But, sometimes, you do need that excess baggage and in addition to the pain, you end up paying high airline baggage fees too. It is kind of like a double whammy. So, you might ask what we could possibly do in such a situation.

How WeCcarryy works

Well, there is a start-up who has a solution to this problem. As they are young, their reach is not wide enough (only restricted to India), but their innovative door to door luggage pick-up and drop-off service heralds the era of new age hassle free travel. They call themselves ‘WeCcarryy’ and they offer the perfect solution to our excess baggage and check-in luggage worries.

Here are some of their main features:

1) Easy to use mobile app

WeCcarryy Luggage Shipping ServiceWeCcarryy - Easy to use Mobile App

WeCcarryy offers a simple mobile app on both Google Play and AppStore to schedule, pay and track your luggage pick-up and drop-off. All you have to do is enter your flight, pick-up and drop-off details and make the payment. It is as simple as that. And all the contact and customer care numbers can be accessed directly from the app.

2) Door to Door pick up and drop off

New Booking - WeCcarryy - 1New Booking - WeCcarryy - 2New Booking - WeCcarryy - 3

This is their USP. No more fretting about excess baggage fees and the pain of lugging it around. WeCcarryy picks up your baggage about 4 to 6 hours before your scheduled flight departure and they drop it off at your destination or hotel within 6 hours of your arrival. And they even help with packing, if you ask for it.

3) Highly secure and insured

WeCcarryy secures your luggage with a one-time usable galvanized lock and also insures it with a leading insurance service provider to address all your safety and security concerns.

4) Free storage

WeCcarryy Payment ScreenWeCcarryy Payment gateway

In case, your flight gets delayed or you have to go immediately someplace else instead of your destination home or hotel, do not worry as WeCcarryy stores your luggage inside their premises for 24 hours and this storage comes completely free.

Who will benefit the most:

Avoid carrying heavy luggage - WeCcarryy

1) Elderly Travelers: They can now move freely and not have to worry about lugging their heavy luggage, which otherwise could lead to painful situations and aches.

2) Family with young kids: Families with young kids would love to avail this service as they can focus on their kids (especially babies and toddlers) instead of their luggage. This is very essential when you travel in crowded environments, especially busy Indian airports.

3) Travelers with physical disability: For travelers with any kind of physical disability, this service ensures that they don’t have to depend on others to get their stuff to the destination. All they have to do is pack their stuff and keep it ready for pick-up at home and collect it at their destination point.

4) Anyone with heavy or excess baggage: Students, relocating families or anyone with excess baggage would find this door to door luggage service super useful. Not only is it much cheaper than paying the excess baggage fees with the airline, it just makes shifting locations or traveling so much simpler for you.


No luggage hassles - WeCcarryy

If you are one of those who fret about airline check-in luggage and excess baggage, you ought to check out WeCcarryy, the innovative door to door luggage shipping service start-up. I think you might find a solution to your luggage worries here.

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