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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Mookanamane Waterfalls: Hidden amidst pristine forests of Malnad, Karnataka

Mookanamane Waterfalls - hidden amidst pristine forests

Another waterfall for your upcoming monsoon holiday. It is neither a well known name nor is it the biggest, widest or tallest. It is just your simple and small waterfall that is surrounded by some of the most beautiful stretch of forests in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. But, what it lacks for in popularity, it makes for in pristine location and natural beauty.

Above photo courtesy: Pradeep H Gowda

Gorgeous Mookana Mane Waterfalls of Malnad, Karnataka

I am referring to the Mookanamane waterfalls. Tucked deep into the countryside of Malnad and flanked by the gorgeous Bisle and Kaginahare forests on either side, this humble waterfall is a tiny bit of paradise that is as offbeat and hidden as it comes. A dirt trail, a short downhill trek and a steep riverside boulder climb lead you to this waterfall. When the water levels are low, you can easily go right under the waterfall for a relaxing waterfall shower, but during the monsoon months when the river is a raging torrent, you can sit on the many boulders near the waterfall and let the waterfall mist soak you completely. This is the kind of place to go for a full-on detox session amidst pristine nature and let the deafening roar of the waterfall stop the clutter in your head for a brief while.

If you like rural holidays, hidden destinations, offbeat trails, pristine nature and waterfalls, then this is your kind of place. A visit to Mookanamane Falls means packs water therapy, nature therapy, adventure and simply over indulgence of untouched nature.

A couple of words of advice:

1) Be safe as this terrain (the riverside boulders) are slippery and since it is a forest waterfall, water levels can increase suddenly. (It is best to stay away from the water when it is raining heavily)

2) A lot of people picnic here, which is fine, but they litter the place with their trash. Please carry back all your trash with you to the nearest trash dump and ensure that such pristine places remain clean for many years to come.

Above video courtesy: Pradeep H Gowda

The Mookanamane river surrounded by gorgeous tract of forests

How to reach here:

If coming from Sakleshpur, you could either take the Shirdi ghat road towards Mangalore, turn left at Marenahalli, turn left at Hongdhalla and finally turn left again towards the dirt trail leading to Mookanamane Falls. There is also an alternate route from Sakleshpur that connects Sakleshpur to Kudrasthe. On this route, you will have to turn right at Bachalli, turn right at Athihally and further turn right again at the dirt trail leading to the waterfall.

If coming from Bisle Ghat road, Somwarpet or Shanivarsanthe direction, turn right at Kudrasthe towards Sakleshpur. After a few kms, turn left at Bachalli and then turn right at Athihally before turning right yet again at the dirt trail leading to the waterfall.

Above photo courtesy: Pradeep H Gowda

Where to stay:

There are lots of homestays to stay in this region. My favorite homestay to stay here is Malnad homestay in the neighbouring village of Athihally.

Best season to visit:

The monsoons and the months right after the monsoons would be the ideal time to visit this waterfall.

Mookana Mane - the hidden forest waterfall of Malnad, Karnataka

Other tourist attractions nearby:

1) The rolling hills of Kaginahare forest

2) Mallalli Falls, the prettiest waterfall in Coorg

3) Manjarabad Fort

4) Yedakumari railway bridge and the green route trek

5) Bisle view point and Bisle Ghat

6) Kukke Subramanya temple

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