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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Turkey Travel Guide

Istanbul, Turkey


Famously referred to as the meeting point of the East and the West, the one unique city where not only cultures, but two continents collide. From exquisite museums, appetizing kebabs, a plethora of historic landmarks, diverse landscapes and the warmest people you’ll ever meet- Turkey is not only one of the most fusionist countries you’ll ever see but is quite honestly the perfect place for almost every kind of traveler. So, whether you’re a young couple, a full family, a beach lover, wanderer, foodie or a history buff- Turkey has something to offer for every kind of person, every kind of traveler. This guide aims to highlight and brief you on the things you should keep in mind before embarking on your journey, and some of the vital places you can visit and experience during your time there.


How to prepare for your upcoming Turkey trip

Map out a travel itinerary

From the places you’d like to visit to the convenience of time and travel, map out the different parts of Turkey you’d like to visit and chalk out a temporary itinerary you can follow and use for the rest of your pre-travel process.

2. Plan a realistic budget

Fortunately, Turkey is not an expensive place to travel to. Even though the Turkish Lira is higher than the rupee (with 1 Turkish Lira equivalent of Rs 12.78), everything from hotels, transportation and daily needs are very reasonable. Based on your personal feasibility, plan out a budget you’d want to stick to so you can make your bookings accordingly.

3. Figure out your home away from home

Your travel experience could be largely based on the kind of places you pick for your stay. Based on accessibility, convenience and feasibility, shortlist some hotels, or Airbnbs you’d like to reside in across the places you plan to visit.

4. Secure your trip with a Turkey travel insurance

Apart from the fact that a travel insurance (especially in some of Turkey’s famous scam cities!) secures you from all unforeseen circumstances, it’s also a mandatory to get one if you want your Turkish Tourist Visa approved. So, once you’ve booked your flight tickets- the next thing to do is get your trip insured with a travel insurance you can trust. As per the Turkish visa mandate, ensure it gives you minimum coverage of at least €30,000, i.e. approximately $33,000.

Get that Turkey visa stamp!

There are primarily two ways to get a Turkey Visa for Indians. If you are an Indian passport holder with a valid visa of US/UK/Ireland/Schengen, then you can easily get an e-visa processed online for a fee of US$43.70. If you don’t have either of the above-mentioned visas, you can apply through VFS for a fee of Rs 4250, which takes around a week to stamp and process.

6. What to pack?

This primarily depends on what time of the year you’re traveling in. If you’re traveling during the summer months, carry just enough summer clothes and beachwear but also make sure you carry modest clothing pieces like long skirts or tunics (if you’re a woman) for the visits to Turkey’s many beautiful mosques. If you’re traveling during the winters, based on where you’re traveling- you'll definitely need an all-purpose jacket to keep you both warm and dry.

7. Other travel essentials

Apart from clothing, make sure you have all your other travel essentials in place. The last-minute chaos is so not worth it! So right from your documents like an international driving license (if you plan on driving in Turkey), your international travel insurance to the little nitty-gritties like your jacket, travel plug converter, sunscreen, travel pillow, backpack, et al. ensure they’re all in place!


Be captivated by the culturally rich city of Istanbul

From its exceptional Ottoman architecture and historic art and museums to its bustling nightlife and bazaars; Istanbul is the one place that meddles in both tradition and modernity beautifully.

2. Embrace enchantment at the Princess Islands

Relish an enchanting day trip from Istanbul to the Princess Islands. With no access to cars at all and home to quaint horse carriages and bicycles, it’ll be your own life’s classic you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

3. Visit Konya - the Sufi powerhouse of philosophy and poetry

Home to Rumi’s grave and his poetic museum- Konya is known for its mystic whirling dervish performances and all things you can possibly connect Rumi with.

Hot Balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey

4. Take the Instagram-worthy hot balloon ride in Cappadocia

Experience a magical hot air balloon ride all the way in Cappadocia. There’s nothing like watching the sun rise mid-air, surrounded by the astonishing landscape of Cappadocia.

Indulge in not only kebabs but the best kunefes and baklavas

Your trip is probably not complete until you’ve hogged on enough kebabs and given your sweet tooth a treat to the best kunefes and baklavas in Turkey. Might we suggest some warm Turkish tea to go with it all?

The legendary Turkish tea

Tick off a UNESCO world heritage site off your bucket list

Known for its healing properties, Pamukkale near the city of Denizli is a must visit for its spectacular pools of milky water along a vast mountainside.

The natural wonder of Pamukkale, Turkey

Go on an adventure across the Taurus mountain range

Perfect for the adventure junkies to hike around, the Taurus mountain range is in the Mediterranean region of Turkey and is home to beautiful waterfalls, underground rivers, hundreds of endemic flowers, migrating birds, ibexes, wolves, and some of the largest caves in Asia.

8. Embrace Turkey’s coastline with one of its many pristine beaches

For those planning out a trip in summer, a visit to one of Turkey’s beautiful beaches – especially of those in Antalya should be on your itinerary!

9. Fulfil that shopping wish list at Turkey’s many bazaars

Nobody leaves Turkey empty handed! So, whether it’s its range of teas and spices or its artistic ceramics and handwoven carpets, you’re going to love what the Turkish merchants have to offer, just don’t forget to bargain!

Take the road less travelled

For those planning a longer trip than usual, traveling the country by road is an opportunity of a lifetime. Explore the many popular and unpopular destinations – all of which represent a culture and story of their own.


Although the above ten things mentioned are an array of options to delve into on a trip to Turkey; it’s still not enough. Given its rich and fascinating history, tourist attractions, great hospitality and diverse landscapes, there’s a lot Turkey has to offer. Use this Turkey Travel guide to assist your travel planning journey. This is only the start. Apart from this and many other online guides, you may also consider reading into some Turkish literature (fiction & nonfiction) for an insider feel of the place before you even travel (or even during). Some recommended works include Eat Smart in Turkey by Joan Peterson, Istanbul: The Imperial City by John Freely, Istanbul: Memories and the City by Orhan Pamuk, The Musuem of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk and The Bastard of Istanbul by Elif Shafak amongst many other books by some of the most prominent Turkish and international writers. With all this in place, I hope you have an enriching travel experience and come back with not only memories and photographs, but stories and experiences that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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