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Monday, August 05, 2019

Monsoons in Malnad Countryside: A Photo Story

A Malnad Countryside view during the monsoons

Monsoon in the Western Ghats is nothing short of a dream come true for nature, waterfall, rain. dirt biking and trekking lovers and photographers. The dark menacing clouds seem to be always forming some kind of drama in the sky. The surroundings are clean and always dressed in fresh green. The consistent pitter patter washes the air and the earth and leads to an abundance of growth from all quarters. In short, the entire view and experience is nothing short of magical.

As the monsoons have again picked up in the Western Ghats of Karnataka after a long gap, my heart yearns to be back in the Western Ghats to discover more dirt biking trails, to see more waterfalls in full flow and to enjoy the rains in one of the best places on our planet. Here are some monsoon scenes from my last monsoon trip to the Western Ghats a few weeks back. This trip was to the gorgeous countryside of Malnad. Hopefully, you will get a feel of the monsoon magic through this photo story. Can’t wait to return to the ghats!

Above photo: Beautiful monsoon atmosphere in a remote Malnad village with the Kaginahare forests in the background.

Monsoon magic and dirt tracks - perfect for a monsoon ride in the Western Ghats

Above photo: The dirt trail that leads to Malnad home stay in Athihalli village that is tucked somewhere between Sakleshpur and Bisle Ghat.

Beautiful monsoon atmosphere in Malnad, Karnataka

Above photo: Muddy waters, fresh green and dark clouds – the three common spectacles of the monsoons in the Western Ghats.

Gorgeous Mookana Mane Waterfalls of Malnad, Karnataka

Above photo: Mookanamane Falls, a hidden waterfall in the Malnad region of Karnataka.

Monsoon scenes as seen enroute to Mallalli Falls, Coorg

Above photo: Dark monsoon clouds descending on the route between Mallalli falls and Bisle Ghat.

Monsoon Scenes from Coorg

Above photo: Indian villages and their surrounding farms are in the thick of action during the monsoons.

Forests and green rolling hills as seen during my Malnad Motorcycle ride

Above photo: Clouds form all kinds of drama on the way to the Yedekumeri railway bridge, one of the iconic railway bridges of India and part of Karnataka’s green route.

Mallalli Falls - Prettiest waterfall of Coorg

Above photo: The gorgeous Mallalli falls surrounded by lush forests and moisture laden monsoon clouds.

Lush greenery all across Malnad

Above photo: The rolling hills of Kaginahare in the background and coffee and pepper plantations in the foreground.

A Monsoon Motorcycle Ride to the Western Ghats in Malnad, Karnataka

Above photo: A monsoon pitstop at the border of Coorg and Malnad, two magical monsoon destinations of Karnataka.

Dirt road leading to Yedekumeri Railway track, Karnataka

Above photo: Dirt tracks turn to slush during the rains and offer the perfect platform for some dirt and slush biking. This particular trail leads to one of the prettiest treks of Karnataka.

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