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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How to track down travel-related class-actions

How to track down travel related class actions

If you have been unlucky enough to have a bad experience while travelling, the chances are you will need to seek compensation. You may want to get the money back that you spent on booking alternative transport and accommodation when your travel firm went bust. Or, you might want to claim back the cost of seeing a doctor and buying medications when poor hotel hygiene leads to you falling sick.

Regardless of the reason for your wishing to claim, there will very likely be other holidaymakers who are also seeking to do so. Provided the problems you are suffering involved the same company and you suffered similar issues you may be able to get compensation using a class action. But, to be able to do so you need to find one first. Here are a few approaches for you to try.

Do a search online

The first step is always to do a class action lawsuit search online. There are several ways to do this.

By far the fastest and easiest is to visit the top class action websites. These sites watch the news and legal sources carefully to find out when people are taking this kind of action. When they find one, they do a bit of research to find out what it is all about and list it on their website.

Usually, you just need to flag up your interest to be given the details of which law firm is dealing with the case. Once you are in touch with them, after a short interview, you will be invited to join that class-action. Provided of course, your case is similar enough and involves the same company as those who are already a part of the action.

Keep an eye on the press

The press knows that class-actions of all kinds are of great interest to the public. So, they report on them regularly.

To find these stories you can do a simple Google search and click the news tab. But, it is easy to miss something if you have to scan through several pages. It is much more efficient to set up a Google News alert. You can find out how to do it using your Smartphone from this page.

Get involved with others who were there

Often, when things start to go wrong someone will suggest suing for compensation. It is only natural to do so. We all know that when things go wrong, during a holiday, that it is going to cost us money. That is cash most people will want to try to claim back. So, we automatically stow the receipts, take photos and gather as much evidence as we can.

But, in many cases, other people will take things a bit further than you and think about what to do should the compensation not prove to be adequate. Sadly, this is something that happens a lot. They will realise that a lawyer may need to be involved and that a class action is the best way to get things done. In all likelihood, they will start a Facebook page or a forum post, so everyone who has been affected can stay in touch. Generally speaking, this is a good thing, so consider signing up. Often, the best class actions are put together as a result of someone doing this. If you are involved, you can benefit and be included.

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