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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

5 simple ways to stay safe when you’re travelling

5 simple ways to stay safe when you're traveling

No one wants to believe that they will fall ill whilst they’re travelling or be the victim of an accident. However, these things happen more often than we care to think. Even the most experienced of travellers can succumb to a sickness bug or become involved in a traffic accident whilst on the adventure of a lifetime – if you’re looking for legal representation after a traffic accident then discover Preszler Law by clicking the link.

If you’re thinking of discovering new and exciting cultures and seeing what the rest of the world has to offer then staying safe whilst you’re travelling can feel like a big ask. However, there are many simple ways that travellers can stay safe, read on for 5 examples.

Do a little research

While discovering a new destination on your own terms sounds ideal, it makes sense to do a little research before you travel. Discover what customs you should be aware of, is the country you’re visiting a conservative one, do they have rules or expectations of what people should wear? Is it safe to go out alone at night? Is the area you’re staying backpacker friendly?

Always wash your hands

It sounds like simple advice but that’s because it is! Washing your hands keeps nasty illnesses and bugs like gastroenteritis and E. coli at bay. However whilst abroad it’s advisable that you wash your hands a little more frequently. Wash your hands before you eat, after handling money, touching things like door handles or the back of bus seats etc. If the hand washing facilities aren’t what you’re used to then many travellers will recommend bringing a small bottle of hand sanitiser with you.

Be sun safe

In order to avoid succumbing to dehydration or heat stroke you need to be sensible during the day. If your destination is much hotter than you’re used to then keeping yourself protected in the sun is imperative. Always wear a hat – preferably one that covers the back of your neck, a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes from UV rays, plenty of sun cream with a high factor (remember to keep applying throughout the day) and of course drinking plenty of water. Do all this and you should be safe in the sun.

Learn the language

You don’t have to be fluent in the local language but researching and getting to grips with a few basic phrases will not only give you a better experience as a traveller, but it can also be a big help to you if you get lost, want to make sure you’re on the right bus or train, or need medical help.

Be wary when hiring vehicles

There’s nothing wrong with seeing your destination via moped or public transport. Just be cautious and use your common sense. If you hire a moped, always wear a helmet – even if the locals don’t. If you’re getting on a bus or using public transport, ask yourself if the vehicle is dangerously overcrowded and in good working order.

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