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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

People Photography from the Cultural Trails of Madhya Pradesh

The sadhu who got snapped while asking for money, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

In one of my recent posts, I spoke about the 8 heritage destinations you must visit in Madhya Pradesh. Now, I wish to bring to you street photography and portraits from these cultural and heritage trails of Madhya Pradesh. These pictures show us the colourful and vibrant shades of the people of Madhya Pradesh and gives us a glimpse into some of their traditions and culture. These photographs span the entire gamut of cultural trails in Madhya Pradesh ranging from UNESCO World Heritage sites to some of the lesser known places. Hope you enjoy this photo essay.

Above photo: Near the Raja Ram mandir of Orchha, a sadhu baba decked in vermilion and ash heads towards me asking for money in exchange for the photograph that I have clicked of him. Even though he was quite far away, he spotted my zoom lens and headed straight for the catch.

Location: Orchha

Listening to famous archaeologist Mr. KK Muhammed at Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh

Above photo: This is the place to visit if you wish to understand the evolution of the pre-historic man. This group is listening to the facts from Professor KK Muhammed, a renowned archaeologist. Bhimbetka is not just the pride of India, but the pride of the world as it tells us how mankind’s cranial capacity evolved since 100,000 years back.

Location: Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

A pundit of Bhojpur Shiva temple

Above photo: He is a pandit (pujari) at the Bhojpur Shiva temple. Built, by Raja Bhoj in the 12th century, this lesser known temple is home to the largest Shiva linga in India. Even better is the rustic appeal of this place and you can always see the smiling faces of the locals.

Location: Bhojpur

The massive Parsvanath Temple, Khajuraho

Above photo: The Parsvanatha temple attracts far lesser visitors than the Western group of temples which are more known for their erotic art, but it is in no way smaller in sculpting or size. You can gauge the size of the temple by taking a look at the 2 people who are posing in front of it.

Location: Khajuraho

All eyes on the phone - a sadhu baba and puppy moment, Orchha

Above photo: The Ram Raja temple and the Chaturbhuj temple of Orchha attract a lot of Sadhus who are colourfully decked up in colourful sarongs, vermilion, sandalwood and ash. This is one such sadhu and his puppy checking out their photo clicked by a foreign tourist.

Location: Orchha

A golgappa moment from Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Above photo: Madhya Pradesh and lip smacking street food go hand in hand. A lot of local action can be found at such street food stalls. This is one such stall in the bazaars of Orchha that sells golgappa or pani puri. One can taste the authentic thing at such small towns.

Location: Orchha

A portrait of a local at Taj-ul-Masajid, Bhopal

Above photo: The man with a colourful beard at Taj-ul-Masajid, one of the largest mosques in Asia. Dressed in traditional clothes, his beard stood out in the shining sun thus prompting me to ask him for a shot. And he obliged with a smile.

Location: Bhopal

A wealth of information on the toranas of Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh

Above photo: My friends pose in front of the iconic toranas of Sanchi Stupa, an UNESCO World Heritage site and the pride of the nation. Dating back to the 1st century BCE, these toranas are the first of their kind in the world.

Location: Sanchi Stupa

A tropic of cancer street moment in Madhya Pradesh

Above photo: Fresh organic guavas on sale at the Tropic of Cancer line in Madhya Pradesh. These juicy guavas were grown just near the Tropic of Cancer line, a bit away from the highway. And they made for delicious snacking on the Madhya Pradesh culture and heritage road trip.

Location: Tropic of Cancer line

Local ladies in colorful sarees walk towards Orchha fort and the palaces

Above photo: Local ladies decked in colourful sarees head to the temples on the banks of the Betwa river at Orchha to offer prayers. These temples are located right behind the fort and the palace. In this picture, the ladies are crossing the moat and are heading into the fort enclosure.

Location: Orchha

Local market scene at Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Above photo: Early in the morning, the streets near Ram Raja temple are full of vegetable action. This is the time when you can see all the locals shopping and bargaining for a fresh produce of vegetables. The action only lasts a couple of hours, but it is enough for some people street photography.

Location: Orchha

Chilling next to Badal Mahal, Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh

Above photo: Locals beat the afternoon heat under an ancient structure near Badal Mahal. Badal Mahal is one of the many heritage sites in and around Chanderi, one of the lesser known heritage destinations of Madhya Pradesh.

Location: Chanderi

A moment from Jama Masjid, Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh

Above photo: The caretaker of the Jama Masjid of Chanderi walks in front of the intricately carved doorway to the mosque. People know Chanderi for the saree, but it is home to many heritage sites such as the Jama Masjid.

Location: Chanderi

A portrait of a Chanderi saree weaver

Above photo:
A traditional artisan designing a Chanderi saree at a handloom centre in Chanderi. With 700 years of history, the Chanderi saree is a traditional handloom icon of India and is much sought after in the modern saree shops across India.

Location: Chanderi

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