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Friday, October 16, 2020

Five great ways to use your best travel photos

The Army road that leads to Hanle in the Changthang Cold Desert, Ladakh, India

I love taking photos. Over the years, I have taken thousands. During that time, it has turned into something of a passion. I have been lucky enough to capture some wonderful images. Yet, I rarely get to enjoy them. Most of them are locked away on hard drives or they are on the cloud. That’s a real shame, so, today, I am going to share some ways you can get more out of your best travel photos.

1) Put them up around your home

The dense shola forests of Yellapatty, Kerala

Top of the list is to get them printed out in a high-quality way and put them on display. For example, you could have a personalised picture collage created by a professional print firm. The prices are surprisingly reasonable, and the quality of the print is so good that it will look like a work of art. Large size canvas prints also look really good in your living room.

2) Invest in a few old school photo frames

Different eye moods of Siddi Kids, Karnataka, India

You could create several and categorize by theme. They also make good presents. Old-fashioned photo frames don’t cost much so you can also put a few on display that way. Swap them regularly to add interest and enable yourself to enjoy a wider selection.

3) Try using a digital photo frame

An Elephant March at Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

Or, if you prefer, buy yourself a digital photo frame. They have come down in price and it is still relatively easy to pick a second hand one up. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, you could buy one that has some additional functionality built in. For example, a motion sensor that means the frame turns off when nobody is in the room. Or one that is capable of streaming your music.

4) Use them on your screens

Vivid and Vibrant Evening Sky at Kaziranga Tiger Reserve, Assam, India

One of the fastest and simplest ways to enjoy more of your best photos is to use them as screensavers. Most of us have a laptop, phone, and maybe a tablet, so that is 3 screens you can use. Plus, you can change them every week meaning that you can easily get to enjoy over 100 of your travel photos across the course of the year.

5) Sell them

The famous tunnels on the Sakleshpur mountain railway line and its surrounding forests

If you want you can even sell some of your best photos. There are several ways to do this. Setting up your own photo website is one approach. But, for most people, the best option is to set up accounts on sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and GettyImages. They need as many photos as possible, so make the whole process super easy. Perhaps the only drawback is that they all take a pretty significant percentage of the sale price. But it is still worth giving it a go.

OK, so there you have it - 5 really easy way to get more out of your travel photos. Hopefully, this post will inspire you to give one or two of them a go.

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