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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Nameri National Park: Assam’s Wildlife Haven

Great Hornbill at Nameri National Park, Assam, India

It is the most scenic of all national parks in Assam. It is a paradise for birdwatchers and it is teeming with bio diversity. I am talking about the lush green Nameri National Park that overlooks the Eastern Himalayas in the background and has the lively Jia Bhoroli river criss-crossing the national park. Historically popular with anglers, today, Nameri is popular with wildlife researchers and enthusiasts.

Wild elephant up close at Nameri National Park, Assam, India

It is home to over 600 floral species including rudrakhsa and rare orchids. Close to 400 bird species have been recorded here including the Great Pied Hornbill, white winged wood duck, rufus necked hornbill, black stork, ibis bill and more. And in terms of mammals, Nameri national park provides habitat for Asian elephant, royal bengal tiger, Indian leopard, clouded leopard, marbled cat, gaur, barking deer, dhole, Himalayan black bear, capped langur, Malayan giant squirrel, wild boar, slow loris and many more. It is also home to a wide range of reptiles, amphibians and fishes.

Malayan Giant Squirrel at Nameri National Park, Assam, North East India

But, unlike other national parks, there are no jeep safaris here. Instead, you explore the forest on foot, on top of an elephant or by bicycle. And all of these in the company of an armed forest guard in case you happen to come real close to a wild animal. It is this slow exploration in the wild that makes Nameri so special. If you are patient and quiet, you will become one with the jungle in a matter of an hour and you will get to see wild animals in close proximity and that too without bothering them. And when you feel like you need a break from the steamy jungles, you can head to the Jia-Bhoroli river, get on a raft, feel the wind on your face and see the jungle from a whole new perspective.

If you are a student of nature or a wildlife enthusiast, you will really appreciate Assam’s wildlife haven. I would recommend this national park to one and all in a heart beat. That is how rich and bio diverse it is!

Large group of Great Cormorants on the banks of the Jia Bhoroli river at Nameri National Park

How to reach there:

The nearest international airport would be at Guwahati, about 204 kms away. The nearest domestic airport would be Itanagar, about 153 kms away.

The nearest railway station with the best connectivity would be Guwahati (204 kms away). However, trains headed towards Lumding or Dibrugarh would stop at Chaparmukh (about 121 kms away).

The nearest large bus station would be Tezpur (about 37 kms away).

If you reach Tezpur, then you can either hire a cab or shared cab to reach Nameri. If you arrive at any other location, it would be best to have your own mode of transportation or else be prepared to have a lot of time at hand.

Ruddy Shelduck at Nameri National Park, Assam, India

Best season to visit:

The best time to visit Nameri National park would be between November and March. Summers can be quite warm and humid and the national park receives plentiful rains during the monsoon season. Winter months are best for photography and perfect for long walks. If rafting is on your mind, you can visit during summer or during the rains.

Ibisbills in flight at Nameri National Park, Assam, India

Where to stay:

My favorite place to stay at Nameri National park is Nameri Eco Camp, the angling, birding and wildlife den situated right beside the forest boundary. This place is simple, cosy, offers great forest guides and most importantly serves delicious local cuisine. The other places worth staying are Wild Mahseer, Nameri Baligara camp and Jia Bhorali wild resort.

A Jumbo Safari at Nameri National Park, Assam

Where to eat:

The best place to eat would be at your place of stay as other places to eat are quite far away. If you desperately need to eat something different, then the city of Tezpur (37 kms away) would be your nearest bet.

Red Vented Bulbul at Nameri National Park, Assam, India

Other wildlife sanctuaries nearby:

1) Kaziranga national park: A UNESCO World heritage site and a wildlife gem of North East India

2) Eaglenest wildlife sanctuary: Birdwatching paradise in the Eastern Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh

3) Manas national park: A national park, a UNESCO natural world heritage site, a project tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve located in the Himalayan foothills of Assam

4) Orang national park: A national park on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra river that is home to a wide range of wildlife species

5) Hoolongopar gibbon wildlife sanctuary: Home to India’s only ape – the Hoolock Gibbon

6) Buxa tiger reserve: A beautiful national park situated in northern West Bengal

Great Cormorants at Nameri National Park, Assam, India

Other nearby tourist attractions:

1) Majuli island: A gorgeous island on the mighty Brahmaputra river

2) Bomdila: A beautiful town surrounded by the Himalayas and home to a large Buddhist monastery

3) Dirang: A pristine hill station in Western Arunachal Pradesh

4) Tawang: India’s true Shangri-la and a stunning Himalayan town located at 10,000 feet

5) Tea estates: The many tea estates on the plains of Assam that share its borders with wildlife sanctuaries and national parks

6) Shopping lanes of Guwahati: Paltan bazaar, Pan bazaar and Fashion bazaar are few of those markets where one can shop for everything from tea, bamboo products, silk sarees, metal items, wooden products and much more

7) Kamakhya temple: A 8th century temple and one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Pithas. A must visit place in Guwahati

8) Sela pass: A high altitude mountain pass at 13,700 feet that connects Tawang with the rest of the country. It is also a great birdwatching destination

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