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Thursday, April 06, 2023

The Vegan's Guide to Getting Fit and Strong

Traditional vegetarian meal at Istanbul, Turkey

The vegan diet is often incorrectly associated with weak muscles and tiredness. There is a narrative around a lack of red meat and protein which leads to negative effects on the body. There is some truth here. Without essential protein, iron, and calcium, your body can’t function properly or be fit and strong. However, it is not the vegan lifestyle that causes this. The main cause is not doing it properly, safely, and wholeheartedly.

Take a Look at What You’re Eating

What you eat as a vegan is going to make or break your strength and fitness. Diet is so important when it comes to how your body functions and your capacity to retain optimal health levels. Your food choices will determine everything, so it’s good to take a researched, detailed approach to this core area. Take a look at the following in particular and find ways to incorporate a balance into your daily meals.


Delicious plate of Rajasthani Thali inside a haveli, Bikaner, Rajasthan

With incorrect iron levels, everything will feel out of sync. You will feel more tired, weaker, and like you can’t do much at all in terms of concentration, etc. Vegans are susceptible to low iron because of the lack of meat in their diet. So it needs watching!


There is a lot of protein to be found in specialist vegan products which are widely available in most food and health stores. You can also infuse protein into your daily meals through other food types too, like beans and legumes, peanuts, peas, or whole grains.


Without milk in your diet, there will be a natural deficit of calcium. So, whether you take a vitamin, try to up your intake of green vegetables, or even try a milk alternative, make sure it’s factored in somewhere.

Green Food

Vegetable Seller at Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok

Green foods are often called superfoods because of the amazing things they do for your body. The biggest bonus here is that green food (kale, broccoli, spinach) can be incorporated into any meal so you can eat them all day long.


A Parisian Brunch with cheese, jams and delicious bread - a vegetarians delight

Vegetarians and vegans often suffer from B12 deficiencies. This can have a lasting impact on your nerves, and quite debilitating effects on your general life. Take a vitamin and don’t forget.

The Right Supplements are Helpful

For the majority of people, it is not realistic to maintain that level of dietary strictness and compliance every day for every meal. That is why supplements sometimes come in handy for maintaining the correct balance within your body and ensuring you have what you need to feel strong and build health resilience. There are supplements that are completely plant-based, as noted in this post on, and therefore vegan friendly which will be the best option for your lifestyle.

Do the Correct Exercises

There is only so much you can achieve in terms of strength and fitness if you neglect your physical exercise routine. Exercise exists to make us more healthy, stronger, and fitter. There are two key paths to take for anyone subscribing to the vegan way of living: strength and cardio.

Building Muscle Strength

Knocking down pushups at Rialto beach, Olympic Peninsula, USA

Muscle strength is not something to take for granted. It is often one of the first things to deteriorate when you stop moving and don’t eat right. Try a few different strength focused exercises to boost resilience and give your physical profile a lift.

Focus on Cardio

Fitness - an integral part of New Yorker's lifestyle

Cardio is always beneficial to maintaining general levels of fitness. Any form of decent movement can count towards cardio activity, for instance, a brisk walk to the shops and back. It is good for the heart, the brain, and your muscles too.

National Mall - Popular Weekend Hotspot of DC

Getting fit and strong is more than attainable for the vegan lifestyle. Aside from the obvious approach to looking at your diet and food intake, you can throw in some strategic exercise practice as well. When working together, these two things build strength and fitness too.

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