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Sunday, April 30, 2023

Top 7 Activity Holidays to Try on A Solo Adventure Across Europe

Maloja Pass, Swiss Alps

We get only one life to live and explore, so why not do it on your terms? Solo adventure trips are a great way to let loose, explore places by yourself, and learn to love your own company. We are so attuned to people around us, that we often forget to connect with our inner self.

If you are planning the best activity holiday in the Alps there are plenty of amazing destinations to add to your bucket list.

This article will explore the top activity holidays that you can consider trying while on a solo adventure across Europe.

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

If you are a brave heart and want to peak your adrenaline rush, going for a hike in the Swiss Alps is an incomparable experience.

The Swiss Alps are a hiker’s paradise, especially with the breathtaking natural beauty all around. The picturesque mountain views and the countless trails in close vicinity make this an ideal vacation for every solo adventurist.

What’s great about hiking in the Swiss Alps is the convenience and accessibility. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced hiker, there’s something for everyone. You can set out on solo and independent hikes or you can go on guided hikes to learn about the flora and fauna in the area.

Some of the most popular hikes in the area include the Matterhorn Glacier Trail, the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Trail, and the Eiger Trail.

Kayaking in Croatia

Kayaking in the Adriatic Sea off Dubrovnik, Croatia

Not every solo traveler is fond of extensive hiking and ragged mountain peaks. If it isn’t your cup of tea, a completely different experience is going kayaking in Croatia.

Known for its long coastline and crystal-clear water, Croatia is nothing short of paradise. The hidden coves and the tranquil beaches in the area are a great recluse from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life.

Most of these beaches around Croatia have rental kayaking services, which you can pay for and avail of. The secluded beaches across the Adriatic Sea are a treat to the eye. If you aren’t experienced in kayaking, there are guided kayaking tours that you can join.

If possible, go on guided kayaking tours to explore Pakleni Islands or the Elaphiti Islands. Also, while you are renting a kayak, enquire about snorkeling around the area and explore the underwater marine life too.

Cycling in the Netherlands

Cycling through the streets of Amsterdam, Netherlands

This might not entice every person reading but if you want to explore the narrow streets of Amsterdam, cycling is one of the best activities.

The flat terrain further promotes the bike-friendly culture in the area. So, if you are planning a solo cycling adventure, the Netherlands is the perfect spot for it.

Also, you don’t have to carry your bike. Since cycling is so mainstream and encouraged in the Netherlands, it isn’t surprising that there are rental shops that give cycles for rent. Not only will we recommend you explore the area around the city but spare a few days to explore the countryside in the Netherlands too.

The coast of untapped yet charming villages in the countryside is a sight to behold, not to mention that the people are even more welcoming. Also, the Netherlands has a network of cycle paths, which you can set out on to explore the adjoining areas. You’d need to plan ahead of time for that.

Skiing in the French Alps

Skiing at Rastkogel, French Alps

A complete 360 from the last activity, this one is for the hardcore adventurists who want to pump their adrenaline to the max.

While we highlighting hiking in the Swiss Alps, we had to include the French Alps too. But, not for hiking, the spots are ideal for your next skiing trip.

The French Alps offer some of the best skiing experiences in the entirety of Europe, so if you are planning to explore something you have never done before, we’d recommend giving this a go.

While you are planning your trip, ensure to check out Chamonix and Val d'Isere, which are two of the most renowned ski resorts in the area. Also, even if you haven’t gone skiing ever in your life, there are skiing lessons available for beginners, which you can avail.

Additionally, if skiing isn’t your thing, opt for snowboarding or snowshoeing. Those are a lot less intense but equally fun.

Surfing in Portugal

Surfing in Portugal

Like Croatia, even Portugal is known for their long stretch of coastline and beaches. So, while you are out there planning your next solo trip, surfing in Portugal is an absolute must.

Portugal's long coastline and consistent waves make it a surfer's paradise. However, we understand that not everyone is experienced in surfing. Don’t worry because surfing lessons for beginners are available across Ericeira, Peniche, or Lagos.

But, if you are an experienced surfer who wants to do it against the backdrop of the bright sun and the tropical weather, Portugal is the perfect spot for it. Also, the people in Portugal are very friendly, making it easier for solo travelers to make friends and explore the place around them.

While you are in Portugal, don’t miss out on exploring the local culture, cuisine, and hip nightlife that they are famous for.

Rock Climbing in Spain

Rock Climbing in Spain

Although fairly underrated, rock-climbing experiences in Spain are one of a kind. And, when we are talking about rock climbing, we aren’t talking about the ones that you find at recreational parks.

Instead, we are talking about the real deal, involving natural rock-climbing spots. A treat for adrenaline junkies, routes like Montserrat, Siurana, and Margalef are considered perfect for your rock-climbing expeditions.

Since it comes with a lot of challenging routes, we’d recommend opting for the guided rock-climbing tours so you don’t jeopardize your safety.

Paragliding in Austria

Paragliding in Gerlitzen, Austria

When talking about activities to do on a solo trip across Europe, we had to end the list with some sky action. Paragliding in Austria is not for the faint of heart. But, the surrounding landscape and the view of the place make it an ideal spot for you to experience freedom while flying up in the skin.

Multiple centers enable you to book tandem paragliding tours and fly across the mesmerizing Tyrolean Alps or the Salzburg Mountains.

If you are worried about personal safety, there are comprehensive classes, which can help you figure things out without any compromise at all.


Planning your solo adventure trip across Europe just became a lot more fun and exhilarating. These individual spots offer you extremities when it comes to adventure. So, you get to experience the best of both worlds. From mountains to beaches, these activities cater to all your bucket list wishes.

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