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Friday, March 22, 2013

Pinocchio Hotel, Sapa: Lovely Mountain Views from here

In Northwest Vietnam’s Sapa, there are a lot of hotels and guest houses to choose from and all of them are more or less located pretty close to each other. And all of these are located in the tourist belt that is close to markets, shops, restaurants and travel agencies. But, the main attribute of a hotel would be its mountain view. I was recommended the Pinocchio hotel before I arrived at Sapa and hence on arrival I stayed at this hotel for 3 nights and 3 days. Below review is based on my recent stay here.

Sunrise over the clouds, mountains and Sapa town of Vietnam

1) The best thing about Pinocchio Hotel is its lovely mountain views. Since Sapa can get pretty cold at night and in the early morning and hence it might be difficult to get out of your bed. Hence, this is one of those special places where you can see the Mount Fansipan and other mountain views from right inside the blanket.

2) The views of this place also come at a price of climbing the 6 floors every time you go out for food, drinks, hikes, exploration and basically anything for which you need to leave your room. While it is good exercise for your heart, sometimes it might be a tough one after a good meal.

3) This hotel has both dorms and rooms. The rooms are located on every floor, while the dormitory is on the 6th floor. Rooms are basic with one shared bathroom and one toilet for 6 members. The advertised cost per bed for the dorm is USD 5, but I bargained mine to USD 4.

4) The hotel comes with a in-house restaurant who dish out good breakfast and other dishes for a fair price.

5) The people running the hotel are pretty helpful and ensure you have a good stay at their hotel. To give you an example, a girl wanted to buy some local green tea and cardamom and one of hotel staff went along with the girl and bought her authentic stuff for a reasonable price.

6) Wi-fi is available at the hotel, though it is more accessible at the restaurant and in the 1st and the 2nd floor. The wifi is a bit sketchy above the 5th floor.

7) The dorms don’t have any fan and can get warm sometimes during the day, but it more or less stays warm even during windy and cold nights.

8) The place also offers travel and tour bookings, though I didn’t get to try it.

9) Like I said at the beginning of this post, like all hotels, even this hotel is close to the restaurants, the grocery stores, the main market, the shops, the square and all the booking agencies.

I loved the view of this place while I stayed here. The feeling of staying above the clouds is always special. While the hotel suits all kinds of travelers, the hotel’s dorm is good for backpackers and solo travelers.

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