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Monday, January 13, 2014

Bad Memories

Have you ever arrived at the airport, ready to check-in and jet off, but been far from in the holiday spirit.

I will explain my particular experience, purely because I have learnt from it and now put my own proven measures into place, to make sure the whole drama-filled episode never, ever recurs!

Picture the scene - 7am, bleary-eyed, wild-haired woman, just about managed to pull together an outfit that matches, wheeling an extremely large and garishly pink suitcase across a rather busy train platform, with a bag hanging from her shoulder that is so heavy it is making her look rather lop-sided.

You’d laugh normally wouldn’t you?

Well that person was me.

I’d decided, in my infinite wisdom, to take the train to the airport, which involved a connection in Sheffield en-route to Manchester and it basically caused me more stress than I can remember in a long time. It wasn’t too late in summer, so I deemed it necessary to wear sandals – bad move. I ran over my toes with that suitcase more than times I want to admit, and everyone else who got in my way got an unintentional bruise as a souvenir of meeting me.

It wasn’t fun. It was stressful, miserable and by the time I got to check-in I was ready to think ‘forget it!’ and go home. Luckily I didn’t and from that point onwards my holiday was fun, but oh my, never again.

My answer to this predicament was to take my friend’s advice and book airport parking for my next holiday. She may not have good ideas quite that often, but that particular one was a brainwave. I tried it for the first time and couldn’t understand why I’d put myself through such unnecessary stress in the past. Taking my car to the airport and parking up was the answer to my A to B travel stress all along. I wish I’d tried it sooner.

It doesn’t matter where you’re flying from, as this is a nationwide service, with most large airports offering facilities. I’ve since used Bristol Airport parking and found the same great level of service. The added bonus is that you also save money when compared to what can often be high train and coach fares, without any control in your hands.

I won’t be going back to the train-line hell after that last performance, and I think everyone who was around me that day will be quite glad of that too!

About the Author: Molly Austin is the content creator for Airparks and she has a passion for fashion, fun and traveling.

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