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Monday, January 20, 2014

Outdoor Journal Magazine: The Bible for Adventure Lovers

To all you adventure travelers and adrenaline junkies in India,

Now, we also have our very own adventure space. We don’t have to look at international markets to satiate our adventure needs. India’s first truly adventure magazine is here! It is called the Outdoor Journal and personally I am a big fan of it and hence thought of sharing the love with you all.

Outdoor Journal Magazine
The magazine is fairly new. They are yet to launch the 6th edition, but their quality and content is already top class. The people involved in this magazine are all adventure junkies including its founding committee. All the contributors to this magazine are adventure specialists in their own space. They are divers, endurance runners, climbers, Survival Gurus, underwater photographers, skiers, runners, free divers, Ex-Special forces, avalanche instructor, Sport biomechanics consultants, Wilderness survival expert, Kickboxer, Snowboarder, Ultra runner, Kite boarder and more.

As you all know, I am also a huge adventure aficionado and hence really connected with the high adrenaline content showcased in this magazine.

The Outdoor Journal Adventure site
For starters, I absolute love their vibrant high quality adventure photographs. These are photographs that make you want to indulge in that activity. Experts share their personal experiences, gear tips, activity tips, destination ideas and much more. And all these activities can be either participated in India or abroad. The highlight of this magazine is the way it brings India’s top adventure destinations to the fore. Like skiing on the slopes of Gulmarg, taking a helicopter ride over the snow capped Himalayan mountains, feeling thin air at Siachen, rafting on the mighty Brahmaputra, running in the salt deserts of Rann and much more.

These guys do not talk about wannabe adventure. They talk about true adventure that is hard and yet brings in a lot of joy and kick. The experts help break down these tough adventure activities into simple forms so that even amateurs can take part in it and feel the thrill. For example, one of the skiing experts talks about yoga exercises that snow boarders and skiers should do to improve their core strength and balancing technique. In another example, they talk about the basics of kite boarding that includes managing the bars, learning the wind window, turns and transition, jumps, rotations, handle passes and more such interesting kite boarding learning lessons.

In a similar way, each edition of this magazine covers a variety of adventure activities from Dakar rallies to Tour de France, from snow boarding to free diving, from triathlons to ultra running, from yachting to kite boarding, from surfing to kayaking, from ice climbing to rock climbing, from para trooping to sky diving, from wildlife watching to trail running and from scuba diving to cycling. I am sure you get my drift!!

The Outdoor Journal is a well rounded adventure magazine that covers the following:

1) Interesting adventure destinations in India and abroad
2) Personal experiences straight from the experts themselves
3) Motivational adventure stories
4) Adventure tips for various kind of activities
5) Health tips for various adventure sports
6) Food Tips for various adventure sports
7) Gear Tips for different adventure activities
8) Important adventure events from India and around the world
9) Survival techniques if stuck in a bad place
10) Adventure 101 kind of lessons
11) Stunning locales and settings through rich photos (their website has great videos too)

Outdoor Journal Magazine
It is a bit pricey at INR 200 for each issue of the magazine, but I feel it is worth it as the content is written by experts, focuses only on adventure and features stunning photographs. I am sure if you are an adrenaline junkie and if you buy one, you will stay hooked onto them for a long time. To know more, look up the Outdoor Journal website. And whatever you do, do not miss out on their stunning adventure videos.

Note: The videos in this article are courtesy of Outdoor Journal Magazine.

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