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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Must-Know Tips for Those New to Ibibo

With the advent of the Internet, everything became easy. It is possible to shop online, watch movies online, buy books online, etc. Frankly, with the Internet, you could do whatever you wanted through a simple computer. However, booking tickets online came as a literal godsend for me and my family.

Booking Tickets: An Indian Family’s Nightmare Before the Internet, the only way to book tickets for flights, buses and trains, was through an agent or an agency. All agencies had long queues. And booking tickets meant planning your vacation six months before your visit to the agency. At the agency, the operators would waffle about looking important and busy, and they generally made you beg for your tickets. Then when you were desperate enough, the agent or agency would deign to give you the tickets you required and for this service, you were obligated to grease the wheels with currency (of course, this was above and beyond the ticket price.) It did not help that flight tickets were astronomically expensive, bus tickets were cheap but unavailable, and train tickets were in another world all together. Almost every Indian family had their favorite agent or agency that they cultivated jealously for their annual summer vacation tickets. The older generation of readers may also remember that once the tickets were in, the entire family celebrated the chance to vacation together (getting the tickets was like a pre-vacation).

With the Internet, Times Have Changed It is now possible to find ‘n’ number of travel websites online that offer online ticket booking for flights, trains and buses. According to website, now almost 25% of the Indian population prefers to book their tickets online bypassing the agency system completely. This has proved to be very lucrative for online booking companies, and websites like Ibibo in particular are hot favorites. BusinessInsider states that millennial, or people born from born between 1980 and 2000, are the main customer bases for these online ticketing websites. Websites like Ibibo, in particular, have a rock-solid reputation for reliability and promptness. Ibibio is famous for its affordable prices as well and the price guarantees that it offers.

How Does It Work? How does Ibibo workOne of the reasons for the popularity of ibibo’s online booking system is that the website is an all-service firm. If you are looking for flight tickets, you will get them. In case flights are unavailable, the next best options in bus and train tickets are offered. This can be combined with hotel bookings in the destination cities through the same webpage and web form. This simplifies the booking process and ensures that a customer gets exactly what they want quickly and efficiently.

The company also offers discounted package deals and ties up with online couponing websites to offer ibibo discount coupons, which are very popular during the summer months or during peak festival times. Other attractive features offered by the website for frequent customers include spot sales, booking with zero cancellation fees, flash sales, price guarantees, etc. Of course, if want to make use of these features, here is what you have to do: 

- Open an account – Signing up with the website is important to get access to deals and promotions offered by the company. Timesofindia states that loyal customers are often mailed new offers to be redeemed online. Make sure you also sign up for the company newsletter to learn about the latest promotional offers and upcoming deals. 

- Search For Tickets – The website has a simple search engine that you can use to book your tickets online. You will have to provide an address proof, name and age details for booking your tickets. Make sure you fill these in correctly, as it is printed on the ticket. Your ticket and will be verified through ID at the time of boarding or embarking your trip and the information should match. 

- Check Deals – The website prompts you to add the coupons and promotional offers to the coupon code box when you are paying for your ticket. Please note that credit and debit cards are the only way to pay online at present. After you’ve entered the coupon code, you will see the new discounted rate, but some websites may charge you a little extra for travel insurance. If you do not want to pay this, tick the indicated box and proceed. Watch out for flash sales as ibibo is now offering a flat Rs 500 off on domestic flights on all airlines and a free flight ticket if you write in to them about your travel experience. If you book through your mobile, the website is offering an additional Rs 350 off. Most of these deals are listed on the home page but they also pop up while you are paying for and confirming your ticket. 

- Print your tickets – The Company mails the tickets directly to your email or mobile instantly.

Of course, with all these features, states that almost all educated middle-class customers now prefer to book their tickets online. This online booking system has helped to inject a boost into the airline industry as well. As websites can cut out the intermediary, they can afford to provide cheaper ticket rates by soliciting the airline company directly. It’s now a win-win situation for everyone, except the agency and agent who are still sulking.

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