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Sunday, July 27, 2014

How Your Phone Can Be the Ultimate Vacation Guide

Booking the perfect vacation is easier than ever now that so many websites and apps exist to help you find the best deals and most stellar attractions. Downloading the right apps will help you plan your trip, follow your itinerary, and find great things to do while you're on vacation.

The first step in taking the ultimate vacation is booking the right flight. That's where SkyScanner comes in. SkyScanner's free app helps you find the best flight, be it by price, location, or date. Booking is simple, and so is sharing the flight details.

Keeping track of trips can get hectic if you've got to change flights or share and coordinate your itinerary with multiple people. FlightTrack makes it simple to follow all your flight details via your phone. This handy app color codes your flights, notifies you of delays, and gives you a simple way to share the itinerary with whoever needs to know.

Hotel Tonight
While waiting until the last minute to book a hotel isn't ideal, unfortunate things happen, and if you find yourself in need of a good room very quickly, Hotel Tonight is the perfect app for you. It's free to download, and gives you a secure way to book last-minute hotel rooms at the best price. While it isn't available in every city in the US yet, it does boast a long list of popular vacation destinations.

TripIt is the app for keeping all your travel plans in one place. The free app gives you a clean layout of your daily itinerary, from your flight times to your car rental to your dinner plans. It offers information like your flight number and addresses of places you want to go all in an easy list form, so you can view everything from one screen. All you have to do is forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and the app does the rest of the organization work for you.

Once you've flown to your destination and are settled into your hotel, it's time to find things to do. The Gogobot app will help you fill your vacation days with awesome activities. Gogobot helps you find things to do wherever you are, with lots of different search parameters. Plus, once you've signed up, it makes recommendations based on your preferences. This is an app you'll use even once you get home again to find cool new things to do.

When you're hungry, Urbanspoon will help you find a great restaurant. You can filter your search based on location, type of cuisine, price range, or time of meal (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner). It has a handy "Nearby" button which shows you lots of options right near where you are at the moment, which is great in an unfamiliar city. You can also read reviews and create a dining timeline of all the places you've eaten.

Whether you need help planning your next trip or need to find something fun to do while you're in a new city, TouristEye can help. With the option to create a wish list, you can keep track of ideas for future vacations. The app also recommends cool spots to check out based on where you are during your vacation. The app features maps that are accessible offline, which will save you on roaming fees, or you can check out a good data plan from carriers like T-Mobile with no roaming fees.

Travel Guides by
When you're looking for stuff to do, it's easy to tap on your phone's GPS app and search for things to eat or places to see. But after days of vacationing, that method can be pretty rough on your data plan.'s travel guides are offline maps, great because they still tell you where you want to go and how to get there without giving you a gigantic phone bill. From offline maps to flight trackers, these apps guide any kind of traveler to a highly customized vacation without any stress. Manage everything from your itinerary to your meals, and take advantage of the best your destination has to offer.

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