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Monday, May 18, 2015

6 Places Active Seniors Love to Travel

Due to the vast improvement to geriatric care during the past few decades, most seniors of retirement age enjoy incredibly active lifestyles. In fact, most research indicates that the more socially and physically engaged you are as you age, the longer you live.

However, even if the facts didn’t point to activity level as an indicator of later-age health, just because you are over 65 doesn’t mean you want to sit in your robe and slippers all day watching the shopping network. Now that you have the time and resources, you should absolutely explore the world and all its glory. Here are the six places seniors like you most often visit during their retirement years.

1. Florida
Holidays for Active SeniorsFlorida is convenient and comfortable, but this much-visited state likely still has some hidden secrets you have yet to explore. Instead of heading directly for your favorite beaches in Miami or Key West, you might want to visit the Everglades, which are drying up fast due to human encroachment. While in the area, you can also poke around the Kennedy Space Center, where the famous shuttle launches you watched decades ago took place. Then, you can settle down for some rest and relaxation in the Florida sun.

2. Arizona
Quickly growing in population due to the myriad benefits of its arid climate, Arizona is also rapidly becoming a top winter getaway for all sorts of travelers. This Southwest state offers plenty of thrilling outdoor escapades; the Grand Canyon is an outstanding spot for hiking, camping, and even white-water rafting, while Sedona is a healthful city with incredible scenery and powerful spirituality. As you explore, you may also encounter a few of Arizona’s famous ghost towns, which Wild West settlers abandoned long ago when the wells ran dry and the heat set in. If nothing else, you can always lounge by a pool in Phoenix any time of year.

3. New Mexico
If you live in a region plagued by rain and snow, perhaps no destination sounds more desirable than sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico. Praised for its age-old art scene — ignited by none other than Georgia O’Keefe — Santa Fe is a hotspot of arts and culture. Additionally, the city remains a shelter for countless Native American sites and relics. New Mexico has other amazing sights besides its sun-drenched capital. Carlsbad Caverns are some of the most extensive caves in North America, and the White Sands Natural Monument is a barren sandscape that is chillingly beautiful.

4. Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
For centuries, Niagara Falls has captivated the minds (and hearts) of travelers around the world, so it is high time you pack your bags and journey to see this world wonder. While the Falls no longer boast the title of the tallest in the world, Niagara Falls continues to hold the title for largest waterfall; more than 6 million cubic feet of water crash down every minute. Plus, the city around the falls has expanded to offer visitors all sorts of luxurious amenities, including world-class dining and theater.

5. Hawaii
More likely than not, you have already visited Hawaii at least once — but that doesn’t mean you’ve seen it all. Each island in Hawaii’s chain has distinct culture and scenery, which means you must crawl all over the tropical paradise to truly understand the island lifestyle.

Often touted as the lover’s island, Kauai offers stunning natural beauty ideal for romantic outdoor adventures.

Home to the capital and most of the state’s population, Oahu is Hawaii’s cultural hub, where arts and entertainment flourish. Lanai. Nearly bereft of locals — and many modern amenities — Lanai is a true island getaway.

Known for its gorgeous and extensive beaches, Maui is the most laid back island in the chain.

Hawaii. Bigger in land area than the other islands combined, Hawaii is excellent for exploration of tropical biodiversity.

6. Alaska
To many, Alaska is as distant from reality as it gets, which makes the state a fascinating and fantastic destination for travel. Plenty of luxury cruise liners journey up the Pacific coast to show travelers the majesty of Alaska, from the salmon-rich fishing towns to the massive, glimmering glaciers, which makes a vacation to the frozen north easy and enjoyable. However, you can also see Alaska by driving the Alaska Road, a legendary highway that takes travelers through some of North America’s most deserted (and beautiful) country.

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