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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Top 7 Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo – one of the most fantastic cities worldwide can provide you with so many experiences and opportunities, that it might get hard not to miss all what is important. So today I am going to help you out here, with my list of the top 7 must-do things in Tokyo. Trust me, if you follow my list, you can be sure that you have seen the real Tokyo!

Eat sushi

Eating Sushi in Japan

You can not be in Japan and don’t taste their sushi! Despite the popular myth, “sushi” just means “food on rice,” so it’s not all raw fish. And in fact, there are thousands of different variations of this dish as well, so you can choose whatever sushi you like. If you are not a huge fan of such dish – no problem. Japanese cuisine has a lot more to offer: from something more traditional like noodles to more dangerous meals for adrenaline lovers like fish Fugu. Moreover, it is worth mentioning, that Tokyo is the only city in the world with the most Michelin-starred restaurants, so if this says something for you – you know what to do!

Shop in Ginza

Ginza Shopping district of Japan

Every journey either begins or ends with shopping. Therefore, you need to know the exact place where the best place to do that in Tokyo is. And yes, you guessed it right – it is Ginza. It is not only one of the most luxurious shopping districts in the world but the real hotspot for all stylish Japanese as well. Here you can find many worldwide popular retails giants like Sony, or some luxurious and haute couture designers’ boutiques. Therefore, Ginza is surely a real paradise for all shoppers, and you just must make a stop here as well.

Take a tour at Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan

As Paris has Eiffel Tower, so does Tokyo has its tower which has become a symbol of the whole city. Tokyo’s Radio Tower is clearly a must-visit place while visiting this town, and it is also definitely worth climbing it as well. This iconic landmark is currently the second-tallest structure in Tokyo, so there won’t be any better place to enjoy fantastic city panorama, than this iconic symbol of the Japanese capital.

Gaze your eyes in Harajuku

Harakuju Fashion Model

One of the most famous and widely known Tokyo’s districts – Harajuku is also worth visiting while staying in Tokyo. This is the hotspot for many alternative fashion lovers, therefore, here you can gaze your eyes upon very interestingly dressed youth and also learn a lot about sub-cultures popular in this country. You can even get a bit lucky and get a shot or two with girls dressed like Lolita or ganguro!

Check out the Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish market, Japan

Many travelers who been in Tokyo always advise other travelers to stop by at iconic Tsukiji Fish Market. The reason is pretty simple – this seem-like-ordinary market is actually a real heart of the whole city because it is the primary spot where the biggest parts of the fresh fish come from. This market works strictly by its old traditions, with the daily opening at 3 A.M. and an auction at 7 A. M. Seeing how carefully locals are choosing their fish and how passionately they are bargaining for it, visiting it will be an incredible experience. So, sacrifice one night of sleep to see it. You won’t regret it!

Party all night in Roppongi

For those travelers who want to party all night long, we would strongly recommend visiting another famous Tokyo’s district called Roppongi. The number one spot for all who are willing to welcome the rising sun, Roppongi district can offer you a ton of clubs to choose from, depending on both your taste in music and financial situation.

Watch a Noh or Kabuki Play

Kabuki Maska, Japan

And final thing you should do in Tokyo, is to try to catch either Noh or Kabuki play in a few traditional theaters. Noh performances use masks and tell folktales through dance and stylized motion while Kabuki plays are more about just music and dancing. Either thing you choose to see (or both!), you will get in touch with the real Japanese culture and also get a chance to admire hard work of people behind these theaters – in some cases, artists need to learn the art of practicing such plays for decades!

Now, to get your perfect trip to Japan more perfect, shop both online and off to shop for the hottest clothing and travel essentials no trip can be imagined without. As a matter of fact, you should be prepared pretty well, because, as you know, Japanese know their fashion and so should you!

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