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Monday, April 18, 2016

TUO: Packing just got Simpler

Travel can be liberating, but it comes with two classic challenges – one is ‘travel planning’ and the other is ‘packing’. While there are a lot of tools to address the world of travel planning, packing for your business trips or holidays is more like an art. You don’t need many things, but you still need to carry those bare essentials. Traveling light is the buzz word, but more often than not, we either end up carrying more or miss out on those things that we need the most.

TUO - Undergarment packing just got simpler

As a frequent traveler (business traveler, leisure traveler and/or light backpack traveler), I need to pack differently for different trips and yet have to make sure that I have everything that I need and that it is packed neatly in my luggage trolley or in my backpack. In spite of going on innumerable trips, I am always on the lookout for products, tools and techniques to make my packing simple, more efficient and convenient. And during one such search, I came across this revolutionary travel undergarment organizer called TUO from the house of Origami Unicorn.

As you can see in the video above, this is a simple product that offers great utility. I have been using it on my last couple of trips and am wondering why I never discovered it earlier as this product totally ups the ante in terms of packing.

TUO - the best travel undergarment organizer

Traditionally, most of us learn the art of packing in our own sweet way after many years of travels, but we still struggle with getting rid of the clutter. Or at least, it is a perennial struggle for me. The clutter could be due to my undergarments, my gym gear, my clothing accessories (ties, socks, pocket squares, belts, etc.), fashion accessories (sunglasses, watches), shaving kit and related accessories and especially dirty laundry.

My Undergarment packing using TUO

Most of us men and women seem to have solved the classic problem of shaving kits, cosmetics, toothbrushes and all that good stuff, but I don’t think we have thought of a great undergarment organizer to make our packing simpler.

TUO - Extremely handy packing tool

And this is where TUO really kicks arse. It is like a packing master for undergarments and other accessories. Here is a quick summary of some of its key features.

1) It is a simple product with amazingly good construction. Depending on the type of my trip, I end up using TUO to store different undergarments and accessories.

2) It has 3 levels of see through mesh zipper pockets that can be rolled into a small bundle. This allows 7 to 10 days of undergarments and accessories to be neatly folded into a tiny corner of my suitcase or backpack.

TUO - easy access to undergarments in your hotel bathroom

3) It has 6 internal elastic pockets where I can store smaller items like handkerchiefs, pocket squares, bandanas, socks, gym gloves and more.

4) As TUO is water resistant and can be hung about almost anywhere, it comes in super handy in the hotel bathroom. Personally, I find it extremely useful in the gym showers where I can use it to carry my gloves, towel, change of clothes and some basic accessories. Or even while going swimming. Due to its tough and water resistant construction, I am sure many of us will find different utilities for it.

Easy to use - TUO Undergrament Packer

5) It’s detachable handles and snap buttons are quite a handy feature that accommodates use in different environments (in hostel bunker beds, in gym locker rooms, in hotel showers, under a hammock or any place where we can hang a little bit of weight).

TUO - Revolutionary innovation in travel packing

6) The feature that I really find useful is the water resistant drawstring mini laundry bag with divider that comes as a part of TUO. Be it carrying my sweaty clothes after a workout, carrying wet clothes after a swim or simply carrying dirty laundry, this mini laundry bag is like a genius innovation. It says bye-bye to ugly looking garbage bags and to shoving our dirty laundry in nooks and corners of our baggage.

TUO fits easily into the suitcase

By know, you would have figured out why I am so excited and gung-ho about this TUO product designed by Origami Unicorn. Whether you are a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, you are bound to find immense value in this product both during the actual packing and during the course of your trip.

TUO - Clutter free and simple tool for undergarment packing

TUO costs $49.50 and it is available in 5 colors and designs that will appeal to both men and women. Do look up their online store in case you are interested in knowing more about them and if you wish to buy one for yourself. 

As I leave you, here is a short video on TUO, travel and packing that is focused towards the female traveler and one that they will appreciate. Enjoy!

: Some of the pictures and all the videos in this post are copyright of Origami Unicorn.

Disclaimer: Origami Unicorn did send me the TUO for my personal use and review, but this article and the review is completely based on my personal travel experiences on using TUO and are not in any way influenced by Origami Unicorn.

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