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Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Vegetarian Assamese Meal: Must Taste on your next holiday to Assam

Traditional Assamese cuisine - deliciousness overload

One of the perks of living and traveling in India are the abundant opportunities available to dip into lip smacking vegetarian meals and dishes all across the country. Such are the number of options that not only do we vegetarians get all our protein and calorie requirements, but we end up gliding way up the food ladder to heaven and a good many times end up gaining some weight too. This perk holds good for the north eastern states too, especially the state of Assam, which in spite of being a heavy fish eating state, serves some fantastic vegetarian Assamese cuisine.

Delicious plate of Assamese Thali, Sibsagar, Assam, India

I have always had a soft corner for Assamese food as the local food has almost always delighted my senses. A typical Assamese vegetarian thali or meal would include:

1) Local white or red rice (depending on season and region)

2) Bhoot Jhukoliya (Ghost Chillis – the hottest chilli in the world) - handle with extreme care

3) Aloo and Baingan Pitika (Steamed and salted Potato and Eggplant)

4) Dhekiya or Lye saag depending on season

5) Aloo, Aloo Potol, Cabbage, Beetroot or any other vegetable in season Bhaaji (Assorted Vegetables)

Delicious Assamese meals at Mishing tribal homes

6) Yellow or Black Masoor Dal (Thick Lentil Soup)

7) Khoreo (Highly pungent and delicious ground mustard served with onion, garlic and other spices)

8) Pudina, Coconut, Sesame Chutney (Mint, Coconut or Sesame paste prepared with herbs and spices)

9) Salad made out of young bamboo shoots (If you eat with local tribes, these bamboo shoots will be usually the wild one that grows in the nearby forest)

10) Paste made from raw mangoes or ground jackfruit seeds

Rice beer and Chang ghar dining - Mishing tribal village, Assam

11) And finally some rice beer for the alcohol lovers and some rice kheer (sweet dish made from rice and condensed milk) for the dessert lovers

Depending on the season, there could be other dishes on your plate. And if there is a local festival like Bihu, be prepared to be totally spoilt for choice. The food is wholesome, unbelievably tasty and available all through the state. I would totally recommend tasting them on your next holiday to Assam.

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