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Friday, September 25, 2020

Talasi Abbi Falls: Hidden Tropical Beauty in the Western Ghats of Karnataka

Talasi Abhi Falls near Mastikatte

Monsoon in the Western Ghats and waterfall holidays are synonymous. This wet season brings to life many waterfalls and streams and their tropical setting, lush environment and thunderous force simply absorbs all of your mental and physical stress. One such tropical waterfall is the Talasi Abbi falls that lies hidden in the Western Ghats between Mastikatte and Tirthahalli in the Malnad region of Karnataka. The place is so remote that you might lose your way a couple of times before you find the right path. And unlike the more popular waterfalls of the Western Ghats, there will be hardly any people here. At the maximum, there might be one or two groups in addition to yours. And unlike the bigger waterfalls, you can actually get close to this waterfall and enjoy a shower right under it.

To me, Talasi Abbi falls is the perfectly hidden waterfall holiday during the monsoons. The green environment, the pristine waterfall, the mountain stream, the sounds of nature, the short tropical trek, the steep climb down the slippery rocks, the water baby moments, the picnic brunch, the lack of crowds and all the other fun and frolic make it a dream come true. A waterfall holiday in the monsoons does not get any better. I would certainly recommend it to all waterfall lovers and monsoon chasers. My only request to you would be to carry every single bit of trash back with you to civilization.

The multi-tiered Talasi Abhi Falls between Hulikal and Teerthahalli

Best season to visit:

Talasi Abbi Falls is best visited during the monsoons or right after as that is when the waterfall will be in full flow and the surrounding forest will be lush and refreshing.

Things to note:

1) The trail will be slippery, so do exercise caution, especially when climbing down the rocks from the top of the waterfall to the stream below

2) Leeches will be abundant during the monsoons. They are perfectly harmless, but if they bother you, do come prepared with leech socks or other preventive ideas

3) You will certainly want to bathe under the waterfall. Do come prepared with your swim wear, towels and dry clothes

4) There are hardly any places to find anything to eat or drink nearby. It would be best to carry your own picnic basket so that you can enjoy your picnic brunch in the lap of nature

Posing at the pristine environment near Talasi Abhi Falls

How to reach there:

Talasi Falls lies on the Mastikatte – Tirthahalli road. As soon as you hit Yadur, you have to turn inside towards the waterfall. About 2 kms after the turning, there is a small parking spot where you can park your vehicle and proceed to cover the last 2 kms to the waterfall by foot. There is a good chance that you might not be able to find the parking location and the waterfall. It is best to check with locals on the right way. The trail from the parking lot will lead you to the top of the waterfall. You will have to climb down rocks to reach the bottom of the waterfall.

If you are traveling from the coast, you can take the Hulikal ghat, go all the up to Mastikatte and turn towards the Tirthahalli road. If you are are traveling from Sagara, you first reach Mastikatte and then get onto the Tirthahalli highway.

If you are traveling from Shimoga or Agumbe, you can turn at Tirthahalli and take the Mastikatte highway.

Nearest airport would be Mangalore international airport.

It is best to have your own mode of transportation.

The hidden Talasi Abhi Falls of Karnataka

Other nearby tourist attractions:

1) Kavaledurga Fort: A 9th century fort surrounded by the forests and mountains of the Western Ghats

2) Nagara Fort: A 16th century capital of the Keladi rulers

3) Varahi and Mani Reservoirs: Large water bodies in the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka

4) Kunchikal Falls: One of the highest waterfalls of India

5) Hulikal ghat and Hulikal Falls: One of the wettest places in Karnataka

6) Thombattu Falls: A slightly offbeat waterfall in the Western Ghats

7) Agumbe: A village known for its rainforests, waterfalls, King Cobras and Malgudi Days setting

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