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Monday, January 11, 2021

The Wild Riches of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: A Wildlife Photo Story

A healthy male spotted leopard has just spotted its prey at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India

It is one of those national parks in India where you can see the tiger, leopard, black panther, wild dog (dhole), sloth bear and gaur in addition to other species of wild animals. It is a wildlife destination that has shown a healthy increase in tiger and leopard population in the last few years. As I see it, the wild denizens seem to thrive here. I am talking about Maharashtra’s Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, one of my favorite wildlife holiday destinations in India.

Located in the heart of Central India and not too far away from Nagpur, Tadoba Andhari Tiger reserve is a beautiful mix of water bodies, rivers, tropical dry deciduous forests, dense woodlands and a diverse variety of grasses including bamboo thickets. Even though it looks quiet from the outside, it is a thriving ecosystem of wild nature.

This article aims to show you the wild riches of this national park through photos of its wildlife. Hope it tempts you to plan a wildlife holiday here!

Above photo: An adult male leopard is tracking its prey with rapt attention

Alpha male and female wild dogs from Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India

Above photo: An alpha wild dog couple are seen tracking the smell of their prey on the forest floor. They are one of the most efficient hunters of Tadoba

The arrogant and mean stride of a big male tiger from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India

Above photo: This big male has just spent time cooling himself at a water body. Now, he is ready to head back into the dense thicket for some hunting

A Tadoba Tiger Reserve Wildlife Jeep Safari Experience

Above photo: Most predators seem to enjoy the soft mud of the jeep tracks. These wild dogs (dhole) are no different. They are busy scouring for their next prey

A Tadoba wildlife jeep safari leopard road crossing experience

Above photo: An adult leopard proudly crosses the road inside the forest while the forest jeeps make a beeline to catch one glimpse of this majestic creature

Gaur mother and calf grazing at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India

Above photo: The bodybuilders of Tadoba, this is a female gaur and her calf. The male gaur are known to weight anywhere between 1.5 to 2 tons

Indian Pitta - Front from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India

Above photo: One of the most vibrant and colourful birds of TATR, this is the Indian Pitta that loves the forest floor and dense bamboo thickets

Sloth bear roams the jungles of Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India

Above photo: A sloth bear crosses a jeep track inside the Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve. A not so common sighting

Female Sambar Deer at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Above photo: A female sambar deer was busy foraging on the forest floor when she senses something wrong. Watch the upright tail and cocked ears

Big Healthy Matkasur Male Tiger of Tadoba

Above photo: Looks like he has just returned from a fight. A tiger catches his breath and recovers under the shade of a bamboo thicket

Brown Fish Owl at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Above photo: A brown fish owl, one of the larger species of owl in India

A Tadoba spotted leopard crossing a jeep track

Above photo: A leopard keeps cutting the jeep track in search of its prey and we happily oblige and follow him

Yellow footed green pigeon - the state bird of Maharashtra - seen at Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India

Above photo: The pretty looking yellow footed green pigeon is the state bird of Maharashtra

Barking Deer from Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India

Above photo: The rare sighting of a barking deer, one of the smaller species of deer in Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve

Above photo: An adult make tiger makes its way into the deep woodland after a much needed soak in a water hole

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